It’s Valentine’s Day (in many parts of the world) and Facebook has cooked up something to celebrate this special occasion with your valentine. The social network has just added two new love-themed sticker packs.
 'Love is in the Air' And 'Mugsy In Love': Facebook Adds 2 Valentine's Day Special Sticker Packs
The first one called, ‘Love is in the Air’, it is a mixture of all sticker characters that are rolled out previously including the Meep, Mango, Beast and even the Like button (by holding a heart). Literally, Facebook has tried to add its valentine’s version of all the sticker characters.
The second one, ‘Mugsy In Love’, which is also a love-themed sticker pack, portraits a little puppy. It contains 16 sticker showing various love based scenes. Mugsy In Love is actually developed by a creative team called GhostBot.
So, have you noticed these new stickers? Which one is your favorite?Top image: Flickr