Facebook Rolls Out Photo Sync Feature

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Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘Photo Sync’ to it’s iOS  and Android apps. Photo Sync will automatically upload your photos to social network. To enable the feature user has to tap ‘Sync‘ button at the bottom of the “Photos” menu in Facebook’s mobile application. All the photos uploaded by using this feature will be appear in the new private photo album called ‘Synced from phone’. User can edit or remove the photos by entering to the album.

The user need to choose the photos from the album ‘synced from phone’ to share with social network. By default, all the photos in the album will be private.

Every user will have 2GB of data for this feature which is imposed by Facebook itself. To prevent high cellular data consumption it has a option only use when the device has Wi-Fi connectivity. It will reduce the data costs.

If your smart phone is running on low battery, it will not sync. Users can turn-off this feature on their smart device, as well. Currently its only available to iOS and Android users. On the iPhone the Photo Sync feature will be available only to  iOS 6 users.
This new feature is quite similar to that of Google+ introduced, where users can upload all photos to network and choose which pics to share.
The Photo Sync  is being rolled out is in a primary version.

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