Uberch.at: Add Live Chat to Facebook Page

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If you’ve visited any forum or something like that, you must UberchatLogohave noticed Shout box, Live chat room to engage users. It also helps to kill time and also to make conversations interactive. In Facebook, it offers chat features on Groups, but not yet available on Facebook Pages. However, we can enable the Live chat feature by installing third party applications on your Fan Page. Uberchat.at is one of the app that let you add Live Chat functionality to your Fan Page.

Features offered by Uberch.at

Uberch.at is a free Facebook app, which support easier installations and make use of. It offers many features include:
  • Messages from friends are highlighted and played with different sound effects.
  • Chat messages can be published to users’ timelines.
  • Uberch.at is compatible with @ mentions and Facebook auto-complete.
  • Tagged users are instantly sent notifications.
  • Messages from friends are highlighted and played with different sound effects.
  • A live facepile that allows users to see other users who are logged in to Uberch.at.

 How to add  Uberch.at to Page ?

The free widget version of Uberch.at can be added by clicking “Add to Facebook page” on the Uberch.at website. Then choose the page where you want to add, and click on “Add  page tab”. You’re done. Now you can see ‘Live Chat’ tab on your Fan page.
You can also embed Uberch.at on your website, just pick your options and paste it on your website.
Over all, it’s a useful free Facebook app to spice up your Fan page with Live chat.
Readers: Have you ever participated in a live chat on a Facebook page ?
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