How to Turn Off Reply to Comment feature on Facebook Pages

Recently the social network giant, Facebook has rolled out a new feature which will enable users to reply on comments on fan pages and popular profiles. We are already posted a complete tutorial about activating reply-to-comment feature on Facebook for fan pages. Obviously, this feature will helps to increase interactions with fans and readers. 
 The working of threaded comment system is a little more sophisticated than simply putting the comments with the most replies at the top, and ties in with how Facebook generally prioritizes content for you based on your own social network and likes. So, the problem is that comments are won’t show in chronological order.It’s becoming an annoying feature, makes confusion among users.
 After the roll out of the feature many page admins and users asked me to write an article about disabling reply to comment feature. I think they are right, even though it will improve the interaction, its making a bit confusion among readers. Almost users are not aware of this new threaded comment system, they are commenting on others comments as reply. So, we decided to write an article about turning-off threaded comments on fan pages.

How to De-activate Reply-to-Comments feature:

Reply to comments system can be easily disabled by following these simple steps:
  • Goto Facebook Page ( you are admin of )
  • Click on Edit page > Manage Permissions
  • Scroll down to replies, and un-tick the check box to disable this feature
  • Click on Save and you are done.

Once you disable it, will be not shown for new posts/updates, it won’t be activated for existing published updates with reply.

  • Jude C

    Excellent article Sreedev. I never know that it is possible to disable 'reply-on-comments' in this way. Thanks for this useful tip. :)

  • Yogiraj Mishra

    Really great and useful post!

  • Thanks for writing wonderful article and its very informative…I just deactivated "threaded comment system" from my fan page!

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  • Thanks man, great and useful post ;)

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  • Thanks for sharing this critical information with your readers. I look forward to reading more and more from your blog. :)

  • I just found this useful information! Thank you very much! <br />The &quot;reply to comment&quot; setting is causing the comments to be mixed up.

  • Thanks from me, too. It&#39;s difficult to follow when you comment and it shoots to the top of the list. Others are not too happy with the &quot;reply&quot; feature, either.

  • Hi. Is there a way to disable the reply to comment option on a personal profile? I can find the option on my fan page but not on my personal profile… Please help!

    • There is no choice to turn off this feature on personal profile at the momment

  • I want to turn it ON on my personal page and cannot figure out how?

  • Hi, you can easily enable &#39;Reply-to-Comment&#39; feature by ticking &#39;allow <br />replies on comments&#39; on your page settings. For further details please <br />visit our previous article, Enable &#39;Reply to Comment&#39; feature on your page right now

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  • I am glad that you liked this post:) Keep visiting us!

  • Hey , Welcome to Sociobits. Thanks for your comment..Keep visiting us!

  • Ok so how does the end user control this if the owner of the fan page doesn&#39;t want to turn it off? I&#39;m finding some of my favorite pages so annoying that I am dropping them. I let the page owner know when I am doing so but I&#39;m just one user and most people will not complain.

  • Hey,<br />Sadly there is no way to turn-off threaded commenting system by fans of a page. Only you can do that, just report it to page admins, let them know about the annoyance behind this feature, you can post this request on page&#39;s wall, you will surely get support from others, because most people hate &#39;reply&#39; and &#39;comment ranking&#39; features as it against privacy and

  • Actually, it is worse without the reply feature. I&#39;ve found too many times inconvenient without it.

  • If you think it is necessary to remove the reply feature on facebook, why not removing the reply feature here?

  • Hi,<br />I&#39;m not compelling anyone to disable the feature. But, from the viewpoint of fan of a Facebook page, it&#39;s really annoying. Here the worst thing is &#39;comment ranking&#39;, to turn off this, admin have to disable the complete reply feature.<br /><br />And here, in website, reply feature is very essential to promote community engagement.

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  • I can&#39;t seem to turn this feature on on my page. I have 2 pages, it&#39;s fine with one but doesn&#39;t appear on the other even when turned on.

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  • is there a way to turn it off for individual posts? In otherwords I want to normally keep it on. But for some posts I don&#39;t want fans to comment.

  • Thanks for your advice but FB changed so many times and now those options are no longer there. how do I block now a person from commenting on my fan page? On my personal I have it all figured out with privacy setting that I have to approve it to show on my timeline but not yet to block it without approval–approval on the timelines doesn&#39;t mean others don&#39;t see it, it only means it doesn&

  • Hi,<br />Sorry for the delayed reply, first, to block a person from commenting on a Page you have to ban him, to do so, just click the &#39;X&#39; next to a comment by the person you wish to ban, then select &#39;Delete Comment&#39;, finally Choose Delete and Ban User.<br />In the second, others will see it, but it doesn&#39;t show on your timeline, that&#39;s all.<br />Hope this helps! Keep up

  • Hi, <br /><br />You can&#39;t turn-off reply feature to a particular post…

  • Hi,<br />It may take some time to see the effect, you have to wait..

  • Thanks!

  • You&#39;re welcome!

  • Yeah, you&#39;re right!

  • Hi,<br />Sadly, No, there is no option to enable or disable reply feature on personal profiles…

  • Thanks Sreedev. I have done all that. So my next question logically is that if this person now says all kinds of bad things about me behind my back, I have no control over her–since she was not a &quot;friend&quot; to start with but was only on my fan page, there is no way for me to see what nasty things she may be saying to continue to destroy my reputation. Is there a way to see that or stop

  • You can disable them, but Facebook will hound you every time you reload the page about turning them back on. Wish I could block that too.