Facebook Tests Twitter Like Quick Status-Posting Button in Top bar

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After the roll-out of reply-to-comment feature, the social network giant Facebook reportedly testing a new feature “Post on your Timeline” button on its blue navigation bar at the top of all its pages.
Facebook is testing a new button in its top blue bar on the left of name in the top-right corner that allows users to post a status or a photo/video quickly, from any page on the site.
First spotted by Mashable reporter Alex Fitzpatrick on yesterday morning, here are some screenshots of the test:


When you click on the button it will prompt you to “ What’s on your mind ” status box. You can also add photos or videos through that window.

Post on your Timeline- New feature on Facebook

It’s important to note that the user who got the feature obviously doesn’t have Facebook Graph Search or the new look news feed – two new features that Facebook is rolling out very slowly.
Most recently, Facebook changed the name of its “Subscribe” button to “Follow” and also renamed subscribers to followers. This tweak came after Facebook built its own button similar to Twitter’s Follow button.
It’s looks like, Facebook and Twitter regularly grab features from each other as the two social networks continue to overlap in use cases.
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