How To Get Rid Of Facebook Graph Search

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Facebook’s Graph Search was a revolutionary update to its search feature. It is designed to give answers to user by asking queries in natural and intuitive way. The Graph Search Features was launched in Beta stage January 2013 as a limited preview for some English users in the United States. The new and improved Graph Search is far easier to use than a regular advanced search, it’s give an another dimension to the traditional searching.

Now let’s move to its disadvantages- many users reported that it was an annoying feature, the re-arrangements of its icons like notification, messages etc. Some reported little lagging while typing queries and mostly they have missed the ‘public posts‘ search in Graph Search. So these are the main reasons to hate the new ‘Graph Search’ feature. So what happens is you have gone to the trouble, signed up for the feature, enabled it, but now you hate it ? Are you stuck with it forever and ever? Don’t get upset, here we found out a loophole to turn-off Graph Search. This simple trick definitely bring the old search box into your timeline, bingo!

How to disable Facebook graph search ?

Simply, Facebook Graph Search is currently available for English (US) language results so if you change your primary language to any language like English(UK) or other, then you can get rid of Graph search.
Primary language can be changed by the following simple steps:
1. Go to “Account Settings
2. Locate “Language” settings and click on the edit “Link”

3. Now change your language, If you only speak English, can select English (UK) or English (Pirate) . If you speak any other language, and don’t mind having the interface in that language, switch to it. :)
Done! Now you have got the old search box in your timeline.
Thanks for stopping by, we have to say something to our readers, Facebook users are now searching for how to disable graph search or turn off graph search on Facebook timeline. So, before taking any decision, you should think twice before trying it out and activate any new features on your account. You can’t get rid of that so better do not touch it.
Hoping this worked for you, don’t forget to share!

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