15 Best Cover Photos Collection to Tune Up Your Facebook Timeline

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Cover Photos plays a dominant role in your Facebook life, it reflects your personality and how individualized you are. This unique photo is the first thing your friends and prospective followers will notice upon visiting your timeline. So, to give best impression upon your visitors you have to ensure you have opted something extra-ordinary as cover photo. It’s really hard to find something colorful as well as showing your mood in just one photo.  Don’t worry, we are here to help you for making your cover photos coolest ever. We have shortlisted best cover photos from various resources at just one place, it’s includes, something funny, sexy, about friendship and love, inspirational, lonely and a lots more. Then, What are you waiting for? Pick one and then change your Facebook Timeline Cover now! :)


  1. Right click on the Cover Photo
  2. Select ‘Save Image As’ option
  3. Click ‘Save’
  4. Then, simply Upload it :)

Recommended Readings:


#1.“Love Walking In The Rain” Facebook Cover


#2. “Love Is Slowest Form” Facebook Cover


 #3. “Summer” Facebook Cover


 #4.“Morning Road” Facebook Cover


 #5. “Mountain Walkway” Facebook Cover


 #6.“I Don’t Care” Facebook Cover


  #7. “Cat in a Car” Facebook Cover


#8. “On a Train” Facebook Cover


#9. “Reflection” Facebook Cover


#10. “Alone in a Road” Facebook Cover


#11. “A View from the Top” Facebook Cover


#12. “When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left” Facebook Cover


#13. “Cutey Dog” Facebook Cover


#14. “Motivation” Facebook Cover


#15. “Smiling Cover” Facebook Cover

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