Facebook Introduces Video on Instagram, Offering 15 Second Clips with New Filters and Stabilization

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Facebook unveiled video support for its popular photo sharing app Instagram. The new feature brings an entirely new dimension to camera captures sharing on social networks.
Kevin Systrom On stage - Video On Instagram Event “At our core, visual imagery is everything. It’s in our DNA. It drives us,” said Instagram founder Kevin Systrom at the event. “Instagram is a way to stay connected..it’s the power of an image that transcends a language, and crosses those boundaries.” he added.Now Instagram has 100 million monthly active users and 40 million photos are being shared on the app everyday. It’s a major breakthrough for Instagram after the acquisition by Facebook in April 2012To enable the feature, users have to update Instagram to latest version (which will be available on iOS and Android versions). After the updation, clicking the capture button shows an additional icon to activate video mode. Holding the video icon will allow users record video up to 15 seconds. They also added 13 brand-new custom filters specifically made for the new video feature. Cinema – a video stabilization tool also a major game-changing feature for video on Instagram.

What’s New On Updated Instagram

Here’s the key updates to the new Instagram:

  • 15 seconds video capture
  • 13 custom filters
  • Cover frame
  • Cinema
As said earlier, users can take footage up to 15 seconds long with 13 new gorgeous custom filters like Vesper, Stinson and Dogpatch. In addition to this, users are allowed to remove unwanted clips and re-shoot it.
Cover frame function helps the user to select his favorite scene from the video as cover frame.
Video stabilization feature called ‘Cinema’ will eliminate the wobbly effect you see while taking shoot on the move. It will significantly improves the stability of the video, like a real cinema. But the bad news is that Cinema will be iOS-only at first, and will only work on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. No word on why the image stabilization isn’t coming to Android just yet.


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