Facebook Now Allows You to Send Photos in Chat [How-To]

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There is a good news for Facebook geeks , now the social network lets you to send photos instantly using Facebook chat.

Some users are seeing a new notification when they open up a chat windows today. “New! Send a Photo in Chat. Choose an image to send instantly”, reads this message.


You can use this new feature by clicking on the camera icon, it will bring a window asking to choose images from your computer. Then it will instantly upload and send it to the recipient, he will be able to click the photo inside the chat box and it will open up in its original resolution.

Send Photos through Facebook Chat 2013

The new feature makes Facebook chat more colorful. Recently Facebook has introduced new set of emotions that can be used in commenting and also in statuses, we already posted a tutorial about adding those new smileys in comments.

We need to confirm that this is rolling out wide and we’ll update this article when we hear back.

Top image via DigitalTrends

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