Facebook Challenges Twitter with New Embeddable Posts

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Update: Facebook announced in its Developers blog, Embedded Posts available to everyone

With an aim to spread its contents more public and widely accessible, the social network giant has announced embed option which will allow blogs and news organizations include status updates, videos and photos in their articles.

Here’s how it looks:


The new feature is intended to let media organizations, and eventually everyone else, embed public Facebook updates such as videos, photos, hashtags, and other posts from people or Pages on their own Web sites. Viewers of the embedded content can “like” or share stories, as well as like the Page or follow the person who originally authored the content.


The posts work in the same way as embeds from Twitter and YouTube. Once you got this feature, you will have the option to “Embed post.” That will produce a code you can copy and paste into a blog entry or HTML file. It’s only available for public posts from Pages and Facebook users.

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At launch, just a small group of media organizations including Mashable, CNN, Huffington Post, and People Magazine will be able to embed Facebook updates in their stories. A company spokesperson said the feature roll out more broadly to users “soon.”

This is an obvious move to copy Twitter’s success in spreading its content across the web in its original form. We already seen the introduction of #Hashtag in Facebook , which is an iconic feature of twitter.

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