Facebook Introduces Stickers:’bigger smileys’ On The Web [How-To]

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Facebook Stickers, the extra-large smileys used in Facebook mobile chats, are now available in web-version. The company announced the arrival of stickers on previous week, with a message popping up in the chat module that users can now attach a fun stickers in their chat conversation.See Also:

Previously, the feature was only available to Facebook’s app on both iOS and Android platform. The new extension allows users to access these character-driven bigger emotions right on their desktop or laptop computer.

To send a sticker, just go to your chat box and click the usual smiley icon in the composition screen. facebook-stickers-chatThen, a menu will appear containing different smiley packs, tap on a sticker and it will send instantly to your chat-mate.

Facebook Introduces Stickers on WebBy default, there will be only two stickers packs on chat window beside regular emotions, users can also extend their collection by accessing Sticker Store for free of cost– click on basket icon in the upper right corner of the window. There are a dozen on new stickers sets including, Despicable Me 2, Skullington, Banana and Beast etc.

How do you like Facebook stickers? Another useless distraction or a cute addition to the chat feature? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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