Facebook Testing Feedback Prompt For Users Who Like Pages?

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Facebook appears to be testing a feedback prompt to understand what type of page is that, after clicking like button.

Sociobits reader James Smith has discovered the new prompt titled ‘We’d Like to Hear From You’ immediately after clicking the like button, asking ‘Is this page about something that exists outside of Facebook?’, where users can select Yes/No or  I’m not sure. He also shared some screen shots with us,


Prompt Completed - Is this page about something that exists outside of Facebook?

This feature is just another example of how Facebook has been experimenting to improve user experience through user feedback. A week ago, we’d noticed a kind of survey which spotted on users news feed, asking ‘what do you do in your free time?‘.

Have anyone seen this prompt when you liked Pages? Let us know in comment section!

Top Image credit:ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

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