Let’s Say Goodbye to Typos; Facebook Finally Adds “Post Editing” Feature For Web and Android

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Have you ever deleted your Facebook post caused by any typos or auto-correct feature? From now, you doesn’t need to remove anything, Facebook just added the most awaited ‘post edit‘ feature, which lets you edit post’s text after they’ve published.

The ability to edit posts first came to Android and now it’s available for web too. On Android this can be accessed by tapping the down arrow on the post and choose “Edit post”.

 How to edit Facebook posts after publishing it?

Here’s the simple steps to edit a status/update after publishing it:
  1.  Go to the post you want to edit
  2.  Click on the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the post
  3.  Choose ‘Edit Post’, and make changes.
  4.  Click on ‘Done Editing’

Editing posts was potentially risky matter for Facebook, since it brings the danger of a bait and switch with users. Imagine if a friend posted , “Who likes burger?” and get hundreds of likes and comments, then edit the post to read, “Who wants to beat up some cats?”. This could could be very trickery. That’s why Facebook has added an ‘Edited’ label to all its altered posts. This section provides the complete history of that post. And thus, this will helps to deter people from such deceits.

The feature works on almost any Facebook post type, including status updates, links, photos, and videos. And will soon available to events on pages and photo albums too. Here’s how the Edit post function looks like on Facebook’s Web platform:

Facebook Post Edit

The company said the feature will become available to 95% of all computer users Thursday. All Android users will gain access to it through an update which is now live on Play Store.
Facebook said it plans to add the “edit posts” as well as “edit comments” features to its Apple iOS app soon.

Image: Juan Mabromata/Getty Images
Via Mashable

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