Facebook Experimenting with ‘Follow’ and ‘Review’ Buttons on Pages

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It looks like, Facebook is testing ‘Follow‘ and ‘Review’ buttons on some pages. The both additions are placed near to Like button.

The follow button was first spotted by Wimdu‘s Matteo Gamba and later Facebook confirmed to TNW saying, “This is something we are currently testing,”. The screenshot shows, the new follow button appears directly left to the like button.

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TNW points out, “When most Facebook users navigate to Wimdu’s Facebook Page, they don’t see the new button. This is thus a limited test in which the company is seeing how a fraction of users react to a change on the site.”
On the other hand, we also noticed a new review button on some pages related to places. This is also located near to the like button. This feature will enable the users to review the pages for places directly.

Top Image Credit: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

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