Bored of Facebook? Try Vebbler, a New Clutter-Free, Privacy in-built Personal Network

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You might have heard about a recent study conducted at University College London, it was a study on social media, it says Facebook is “dead and buried” for young people in the UK, who are moving on to “cooler things”. Yeah, that’s right, its not only in UK but all over the world, especially teens are quitting Facebook. Why? they might be bored of Facebook, they may stared by their parents (yup, that’s the main reason, due to its popularity all have now Facebook account even their grandparents), and of course its privacy issues. So teens are switching to other modern social apps. May be you are one of them too. It’s your choice. Before hating the entire social networks, let me introduce you Vebbler.

What’s Vebbler?

Vebbler is a new personal network, developed with a mission to create a world where people can have more meaningful conversations with different relationships in their lives without one aspect of their life spilling into another. It is one of the first social web startups in India that aims to become a global platform for personal networking and is designed on Crowd Layering Model (CLM).


In a sentence, how is Vebbler different from other platforms?

If other networks are ‘newspapers’, Vebbler is more like a ‘personal diary’, a place where you can be yourself and express yourself freely.

Why am I Recommending Vebbler?

As the recent survey result shows, people are deactivating their Facebook accounts. But it’s not the END of social networking era. It’s the time to refresh your internet lifestyle. Let me explain, as people across today are shifting the way they share and express themselves online. They now understand that there are certain things that you cannot share in large open networks, which you could in more intimate groups, they are aware of their privacy. If you play so many different roles in your real life, there should be a way for you to easily connect in a similar way online. Here’s the relevance of Vebbler.
Vebbler aims to address the problem of blind-sharing (sharing blindly without knowing which end users will be able to see your content) by creating layers for different relationships. They call this the ‘Crowd Layering Model’ and it is a core of the user experience. The CL Model enables them to layer not only the way we share, but also different aspects of the Site. For example: When in office, you may want to remain online only to Workmates while offline for friends and family. It’s now very easy to do that on Vebbler because every relationship has already been layered right at the time of connecting.

What is the Crowd Layering Model?

The Crowd Layering Model is the core framework on which Vebbler is built. It enables people to segregate relationships into different layers so that they get an entirely separate sharing space for each of those relationships without one aspect of their life spilling into another.

Vebbler is a ‘personal’ network, not a ‘social’ network

On the face of it, it may sound the same, but it is structurally very different. The Dunbar Theory states that an average person cannot have more than 150 real-world connections in a given lifetime. The important word here is real-world. Yet on social media, we can connect with a whopping 5000 people. The repercussions on clutter and privacy are enormous.Vebbler is a ‘personal network’ for close relationships, unlike platforms like Facebook and Google+ which enable you to connect with a larger set of people, including acquaintances, distant relationships and people you may not even know. And in order to keep the quality of relationships high, a person can connect with a maximum of 500 connections. He can, however, ‘follow’ people who he doesn’t know and connect with them on similar interests, striking a good balance between personal networking and interest networking. We strongly believe, adding 1000 people and not connecting with most isn’t being social. Connecting with 100 people and connecting with most is. Building relationships is not a number game.

How Vebbler is different from Facebook and Google Plus

The primary difference between Vebbler and other existing platforms is, Vebbler does perfectly segregate different type of relationships beyond friends, like our family, colleagues, bosses, teachers etc. but others are not best at this.
In the real world, we do not share the same things with our family, as we do with our friends, so why should we in the digital world? At Vebbler, they want to make connecting and sharing online similar to how our real-world relationships work. At Vebbler too, they are trying to solve this problem with what they call ‘The Crowd Layering Model’.

Privacy at its Best

Vebbler is a privacy-conscious network. Privacy is one biggest concerns plaguing social media and the CL Model can address most of it by showcasing relevant content to the relevant audience.
However, there are other elements of the Site that are coated with privacy, something that you wouldn’t see on other platforms:
Tagging People:
The biggest scare online today is the way photos are shared and tagged. On most social platforms today, if the owner of the photo, say A tags his friend B, B gets all the owner rights to tag any person outside A’s sharing option. It simply overrides it. This can be very scary, and on Vebbler they tackled this issue by going into its core. Only the owner can choose which people have the right to tag other people. Also, the owner decides to whom those photos can be tagged. So in this case, say A tags B in a photo. Now B can only tag those people who A has allowed through his sharing. This ensures that photos will be secured and only be seen by the people who ought to be seeing it.
Sharing Other People’s Content:
Another big scare online today is, the way people can simply share your content with people outside your privacy settings. Even if you share a particular post privately to someone, he/she can simply reshare that content publicly. So, how is private sharing really secured? On Vebbler, they give people the ability to ‘lock’ a particular post. A person can lock a post before he/she shares it, and once selected, another person cannot reshare or repost that content to anybody else. It’s private and can only be seen by the intended audience. A person can also lock entire photo albums.
You can customize your chat online/offline status for different relationships, depending on the scenario around you.

What Features Are Available on Vebbler?

Clubs(for personal sharing):

Clubs are a core element of Vebbler’s user experience. Today, two way relationships need to be layered in a seamless and user-friendly way. Clubs allows a user to add a person into different layers, such as friends, family, workmates and acquaintances. This enables a user to have an entirely separate space for sharing with each relationship.

Followers (for public sharing):

While keeping the closest 500 people in your Clubs, you can follow as many people you find interesting. This makes Vebbler a great platform for public conversations too, while keeping your private life intact.

Bigger, Better Photos:

Profile photos are big again and photographs are stored in high quality, making Vebbler a delightful platform for photographers and photography enthusiasts.


Move over Hashtags. Now, start a ~Wave! Build conversations in real time, follow waves that interest you and see its popularity with the Wave-O-Meter.


Social search is beyond searching things by name. Searching interests, photos, waves and conversations around a particular topic creates a more intuitive search experience.

Final Words:

So this is all about Vebbler. After using Vebbler for a 2 months, in my opinion, Vebbler is the best social network I have ever used, it’s very pretty, clutter-free and easy-to-use and importantly its security and privacy settings, it’s awseome!
Just give it a TRY!
What’s your thoughts about this tiny brilliant personal network? Share it in the comments!
Images: Vebbler
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