Facebook Revamps Developers Website: Improved Interface And Easier Integration

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There’s good news for all Facebook developers. Finally Facebook decided to redesign its developers portal. From now or soon you will get access to the improved and easier-to-access developers website.

Facebook announced today on its blog, that it’s going redesign the developers website to make easier to find what developers are looking for. The social network completely renovated the API documentation and app submissions processes.

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Here’s how new homepage looks like:

Facebook New Developers Website: Landing Page“Our developer site is our primary means of interacting with our community, and we want it to be as useful and as clear as possible. It is the entry point for you to learn about integrating with Facebook”, Facebook wrote in its blog.

According to the blog post, the new design will make the following easier:

  • Manage your apps and configure Facebook integrations
  • Navigate Facebook’s improved documentation
  • Submit your app to Facebook App Center with a simplified flow
  • Find and report bugs with a faster response turnaround
  • Learn about the latest updates and news relevant to you on our homepage

Here are some screenshots of the new developers portal:

Facebook New Developers Website: App Dashboard
New App Dashboard (Image Credit: Facebook)
Facebook New Developers Website: Platform Selction
New Platform Selection
Facebook New Developers Website: Insights
New Insights
Facebook New Developers Website: Open Graph
Redesigned Open Graph Settings

You can access the new website here. If you’re lucky you’ll see the new design. Facebook said, for now, its only available to some users, others will get it in coming weeks.
When you get into the new site, you’ll be prompted to take a quick tour of the changes, so that you can familiarize with the redesign, Facebook added.

Have you got access to the new Developers Website?  What do you think?

Top Image: Facebook


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