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If you’re using Facebook for years you might have liked at least hundreds of Page. Some of your old favorite Pages may have changed and today they probably present something you wouldn’t like anymore. What if you can go through all your liked Pages at one place? Yeah, it’s possible through ‘Activity Log‘, but it doesn’t show whether it’s still active or not. To solve this issue and with so many additional features, a Czech based company, Apploud  has created an app called ManageYourLikes. is a perfect and simple tool for managing your all Facebook Page likes. It offers a number of handy features to organize your likes. It shows things like popular Pages you’ve liked and the worst too, and also there is a ‘Personalized Recommendation’ which is tailored according to our likes and interests.

How To Use

First, you have go to their website here, and click on ‘Analyze your own Profile”. Now a pop-up will appear, login to your Facebook account, now wait for few seconds for letting them for analyzing your data.
After logging in, you can see list of your liked Pages, recommendations, most liked Pages and so on. So here’s the benefit of this app, you can unlike the Pages manually clicking ‘next’ or by applying different parameters such as Page categories, Page type or last activity. You can get rid of all unwanted Pages by simply clicking ‘x’ on the like button.

How It Works?

ManageYourLikes is using complicated algorithms to determine and tailoring various Page likes. It considers both user preferences as well as global analytics to identify the Pages that fit according to the user. It can categorize Pages with various parameters. Also, it provides user a quick Unlike option for all the Pages user want to subscribe themselves from.

List of your Pages and other tabs

On the first page i.e, ‘List of your Pages’ shows all your liked Facebook Pages. On the top you can see how many Pages you have liked, also there is a ‘search box‘ where can find a particular page by entering the keywords. You can order the list according to different criteria such as date, alphabet, last activity etc.

‘Your statistics’ tab helps to find top pages you have liked on the basis of total number of likes or people talking about. At the bottom of statistics page, it shows a pie chart to display the page count by category.


In the ‘Personalized recommendation’ tab, it displays some recommended Pages to like and also to Unlike. I personally found very useful the ‘recommended unlike’ feature, because it shows me all unwanted Pages, as it’s based on the popularity and people active on it, so I can clean my Facebook News Feed.


Furthermore, in the ‘Global Most Unliked Pages’, it offers an insight into the Pages which have been unliked the most, giving the number of unlikes and ranking them according to those numbers. It includes both you liked and non-liked Pages.

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According to NetCratic, has approximately 2,000 users and the tool stored more than 2,50,000 Pages so far. Those users unliked almost 50,000 Pages and this unliking trend is increasing really quickly.

So this is all about Manage Your Likes. It’s a good app to keep your News Feed fresh, you can clean your Facebook easily with this tool.

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