Microsoft Announces ‘Facebook Messenger’ For Windows Phone 8

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Finally, the most requested, Facebook Messenger is landing on Windows Phone platform. Microsoft has confirmed the chat application will be available on Windows Stores very soon.

The announcement has made yesterday at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona by the tech giant Microsoft. “Facebook Messenger is probably one of the most requested individual apps we have our customers asking for,” Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Windows Phone, said during the event.

“We’ve been working with Facebook testing out their implementation for a while. It’s looking good and we will have it for our customers soon.”, Belfiore said.

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According to ThinkDigit, Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone will definitely bring in the complete set of stickers, the ability to share media and location sharing besides basic chat functions.

The social networking giant recently acquired popular cross platform instant messaging service ‘WhatsApp’ for US$ 19 billion in a cash and stock transaction.

Are you using Windows Phone? If yes, are you excited about Facebook Messenger launch?

Top Image: WMPoweruser

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