Facebook Brings New Filter To Public Posts; Now You Have More Control On Things You Post Publicly

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Now you can control who can comment on your public posts in Facebook. The social network just added a new facility that lets you filter who can comment on your post. Previously, you have to allow ‘Followers’ in order to get the option, now you can manage this on your all public posts no matter whether you have turned on or off followers feature. It seems the new tweak is available only to select users.

Facebook Popup: Did you know that public posts can be seen and liked by anyone, not just people you know? Now there's a filter that limits who can comment on your public posts

Today, when I logged in to Facebook, a new pop-up appeared near to status composer which reads, “Did you know that public posts can be seen and liked by anyone, not just people you know? Now there’s a filter that limits who can comment on your public posts”. The ‘Learn More’ button navigated me to the Facebook help page which gives the answer to “Who can like or comment on things I post?”. According to the help page, some users can now adjust who can comment on their post, new option will be available in “Account Settings”, users can turn on or off the filter under “Public Posts” menu.

In the “Account Settings”, there is also some changes, the “Followers” option in the left menu has turned into “Public Posts”. This is where users can manage public post comment filter. Users can turn on or off the filter from “Public Post Comments” sub-menu.

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If you select Filter Off, then anyone can comment on your public posts and if you select Filter On, it will limit the audience.

Facebook StatusWhen you post something while keeping the Filter On, then the ‘Comment’ button won’t be active to your followers or people other than your friends. It also notifies, the author of the status limiting who can comment on the post.
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Previously the ‘Follower Comments’ option only available to users who have turned on the followers. Means, if you deactivated followers, ‘Who can comment on your public posts?’ option will become invisible. But, now things changed, through this new settings you can control your public posts even if you have turned off followers.

The new feature no yet rolled-out to all users.
However, it will be a handy tool for privacy concerned people, where they can post things publicly with restricting comments from unknowns.

Do you have this feature? What’s your thoughts?
Top image:JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/Getty Images

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