Facebook To Kill Its Email Service; New Emails Will Be Forwarded To Your Primary Address

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It’s time to say good bye to ‘@facebook.com’ email address, the social network announced Monday that the company is going to retire from its ‘unpopular’ email service. Currently, messages sent to your @facebook.com email address are delivered to your Facebook Messages. But soon, new emails sent to your Facebook email will be forwarded to your primary email address.Facebook’s email service was launched back in November 2010 with an objective to streamline all communications under a single umbrella. But, unfortunately the feature weren’t became popular, may be it’s because of lack of a good user interface or absence of cc’s, bcc’s, or subject lines.

There was also a controversial incident happened in 2012 regarding Facebook email. The social network picked their ‘@facebook.com’ email as user’s default email address without asking proper consent from the users.Also Read: Facebook Brings New Filter To Public Posts; Now You Have More Control On Things You Post Publicly

As a part of this change, any current Facebook conversations that include an email address will become read-only. This means that you’ll still be able to view the conversation, but you’ll no longer be able to reply to it from your Facebook Messages.

However, it’s good decision taken by the company, actually many users are still don’t know they had a Facebook email address, they never used it. Facebook also confirmed the same to The Verge saying. “Most people have not been using their @facebook.com email address”. A Facebook spokesperson said to Inside Facebook that the change will happen in early March.

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