How to Increase Facebook Page Reach Like a Boss

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So you gotta increase your Facebook fan page Likes and Reach Isn’t it? So that you’re here on SocioBits :) .Anyways meet me Krishna Moorthy a New author here on Sociobits and let me make some Boom bOom  ;) . Here is my first article I’ll be sharing some crazy boom boom :P tips to increase your fan page reach and likes in days :).

Making up a fan page in a proper and neat way is Kinda difficult stuff for me, but if you gotta spend some pennies around you may get some good and real likes easily may be fake likes too ;) be careful.Here I’ll be sharing some easy methods to follow so that you can increase your fan page likes and reach like a boss.

Here Goes the Tips to Make Your Facebook Fan Page Huge Like a Boss

Please Don’t Mess Up My Timeline 

You are not hearing this Mr.Page Owner but we are saying this.Yes, 45% of the Facebook users are not interested in spammy page updates. You may have noticed that many pages are updating their post every 3 minutes or 5 minutes but think of the users situation ,it really irritates them :( as a Fan Page you have to respect your readers or users so don’t spam their timeline. Last month Facebook limited the viewership of some pages because of massive spam reports.You can be in the safe side if you are moving in a normal way rather than a spammy way even your like rates increases and decrease of likes decreases :P.

Share Video’s Without Copyright Issues

Facebook researches came up with an interesting face that video fan pages are having the largest Reach in the whole world. It’s mainly because of the increasing bounce rate and engagement of a page. If you are sharing a cool and attractive video the users will click for sure ., there your page reach is growing up and if the video is damn attractive then a share is sure.Man Open the Insights and check your likes now :P.Be careful while sharing video’s give them proper credits else its subjected to copyright issues :).

Don’t Play with Web Links

If we have a fan page the first thing we try is sharing some web links to get some traffic out of it. But if you just check your insights you’ll come to know the massive difference between Normal Posts and Link Shares reach, dude its crazy like Pepper. It really kills your page reach. So if you are having a page with lot of likes do share a link per day.If the link is an attractive stuff related to the same niche then do share 2 Links/day :) That’s it :).

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Share Text Status

Always share some text statuses which brings damn high reach to your fan page and this is the position where you feel like “Boss” .Yeah I’ve experienced this stuff with my page and I did sharing only text stuffs for a week.You know what my reach increased by 147% :).Try to share some attractive statuses it always helps :).

Be Unique Always 

Aha! Its my quote ,really if someone comes to me and ask “How to become successful” I’ll say just this “Be Unique”. Just like that try sharing some unique stuffs in terms of videos and images to get more and more reach which turns to shares and more likes.

So Guys, try these crazy tips and if your page reach is not experiencing any Hike because of this tips! then I won’t be using internet for 1 Week! :P Don’t feel funny you know what I can live without food but Internet.Ah! let’s leave it.Anyways if you have any doubts please ask and if you have any methods please do share. Keep Visiting SocioBits :)


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