There are now more reasons to use Vebbler; Indian based social network adds ‘Recommendations’ feature

Share This Post, one of the successful start-up of 2013 and an Indian-born brand new social network, has just added an handy tool called “Recommendations‘, which lets users to suggest things such as hotels, movies, musics, etc to their friends. The new feature comes with deeper integration of semantic data to provide better insights about the recommended thing, for instance, if a person recommends a movie, a person can get deeper insight into photos of the movie, cast and director, release date as well as related movies based on the same genre.

Courtesy: Vebbler

For those people who are not familiar with Vebbler, it’s a new social network, made in India, with a mission to make connecting and sharing online similar to how our real world relationships work. It is built on a ‘Crowd Layering Model‘ which creates separate sharing space for each relationships. It’s offering features like Clubs, Wavetags, Followers, Bigger & better photos, unique Search options in a clutter free, simple yet beautiful design.

People who know you the best suggest you things as per your likes and dislikes, making content discovery really easy and fast.

“There are times when a person is in a mood to eat Italian and doesn’t know which is the best place to go to or is searching for best romantic read or searching for people with specific skills or interest. Recommendations feature makes all of this possible at just the click of a mouse. People who know you the best suggest you things as per your likes and dislikes, making content discovery really easy and fast, while saving the internet scouting time,” Sahil Bhagat, founder of Vebbler, said.

vebbler-recommendations-feature-historical-placesVebbler’s new ‘Recommendations’ feature helps users to make more informed decisions by taking advises from their closed ones. Apart from movies and musics suggestion users can find out great restaurants pubs, hangouts, holiday destinations, hair salons, recording studios, books and literally anything with this feature.

Obviously, the new move from  will attract more users to this social network platform. Considering the fact, teenagers are quitting Facebook to other private social network services, would open up more chances to become popular as this is more privacy-centric and because of its label ‘personal network’ rather than ‘social network’.

According to Sahil Bhagat , Vebbler, which is launched to the public on November 12, 2013 has grown to over 65,000 users from 80 countries across the world.

Vebbler is a personal diary where you can be yourself and express yourself freely. It aims to become a mobile-first company and is currently working on its iOS App that should be launched within few months, Sahil Bhagat added.


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