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Slingshot: ‘Reply-to-Unlock’ Is Now Optional

Facebook’s Slingshot is now just a clone of Snapchat. With an update Facebook has made a prominent change to Slingshot’s unique mechanism, as users can now see friends’ contents without sharing back something.  Previously, replying back was necessary to unlock photos and videos.

Now, with updated Slingshot, users can select whether they want to get back a shot in return to their sent photo or video.

Slingshot said in a blog post:

We’re unlocking new ways to share with our latest update: Sling a shot to see a shot? Not necessarily! After shooting a photo or video, now you can choose whether to sling it as a locked or unlocked shot.

The latest update to Slingshot also includes additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Recently, Facebook had brought several new features to the Slingshot including, ability to reply to reactions and My People tab for viewing all friends at one place.

You can download the latest Slingshot from iTunes and Google Play.

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