3 Wonderful Things To Do On Facebook Right Now

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You, me and almost everyone you see out there use Facebook ( all the time ). It’s much like a “Can’t-Survive-Without” object in our daily life. It’s the butter to bread and water to plants. Well, that was some unwanted metaphor, right? Enough of it.

Last week, I wrote an article about Cleaning up your Facebook account to have a better networking experience. If you haven’t read the post yet, go on and dive right into it ( and come back to this one ).

In this post, you’ll explore 3 wonderful things to do on Facebook. So, as usual, fasten up your seat-belts and get ready for some action.

#1) Connect with your OLD Friends.

Do you remember that old friend of your’s with whom you fight all the time and share the lunch later? Do you remember those good old days? But, are you in touch with him/her even now? No? Heck!
Why don’t you use your Facebook account to connect with them again?

  • Prepare a list of your good old (best) pals.
  • As for the procedure, search them up using.
  • Add him/her as your friend ( if you are not friends on FB ).
  • Poke him/her. Just go to the profile, click the down arrow near the message/add friend button and hit poke. They will get the notification saying that “ThatGuy pocked you!”. Think about it. An old friend poking you – Wow!
  • Message him/her. What’s happier than talking to them? Start the conversation by saying a “Hey dumbo, whats up?” or “Bro, how are you doing, long time!”?

Wait for them to get back to you and talk ( a lot ). Share what’s happening and try to set up a meeting if possible. There’s nothing much happier than connecting to your old friends again.

#2) Walk Back in Time.

Wait a sec. Don’t think up anything. Facebook doesn’t have a Time-Machine feature. But yes, you can actually walk back in time using Facebook. Would you love to? Here’s how :

If you have been using Facebook for a long time like at least 2 to 3 years, this will work best for you.

First of all, go to your profile. Then, scroll down and skim and surf through your posts updates and the pictures you’ve posted one by one. You might find this boring first, but as you keep on doing it – you’ll find yourself in a nostalgic path.

Last week, I did the same and I was so happy and amazed to realize I’ve posted so many things. The statuses, the pictures and the places you’ve been to – really helps you to walk back in time. As you scroll further down, you’ll get the picture like memories. And let me tell you one thing – It’s so damn awesome!

You can also try going through your best friend’s profile and do the same.

#3) Write > Speak > Share.

Facebook is also a micro-blogging platform. Which lets you to write, post and spread it across your connections.

Everyone has certain things in their mind which they would like to share across other people. You have amazing stories and experiences to share. You have opinions you believe in and you would like to let others know about something.
Then why not use Facebook as an advantage?

  • Go to your FB Home.
  • Start writing what you feel like sharing.
  • Tag people whom you wish to share it with ( make sure they are people who know you closely ).
  • Add a picture related to it if possible.
  • And hit the “Post” button.
  • Tadaa!

Trust me, the satisfaction you receive after doing this will be huge. Huge like the King Kong.

Over to You!

Howdy Facebooker? So, would you like to have some real experience through Facebook? Then go on and start doing these things. You’ll love it ;) Good luck.
If you find this post helpful, return the favor by sharing it across your friends. Sharing is caring. Thanks!



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