Facebook: Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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There are so many Facebook users who don’t even know what facilities they can get by using Facebook. Or there are things hard to find for users. Today we are going to see some most common problems faced by Facebook users.

  1. How can I turn on my follow button? / Why don’t people follow me?
  2. Why does my Facebook profile get deleted?
  3. How can I know if someone tried to log in to my account?
  4. Want to untag yourself from a picture?
  5. How can I upload a video on my timeline?

Don’t you worry! We have all the solution of your questions! Here you go:

Turn on your follower button:

Go to Settings, there in the left side you will see a button written “Followers”, click on it and there you will be able to turn it on and you will be able to set your followers as you want.

How can I turn on my follow button? / Why don’t people follow me

Save your Facebook account from getting deleted:

Sometimes it happens that suddenly our Facebook profile gets deleted and Facebook do not even gives any warning before they delete your account. It might happen because someone reported your account thinking you are a fake or it might be Facebook thinking that the contents you provide might not match your personality or just think as you are using a fake account. Anyways why they delete your account is not important. Important is that your account might get deleted and you must secure it before it gets deleted.

You must use a valid email address to maintain your Facebook account. Sometimes it happens that we forget the password of our email address. In that case you can make your email address’ and Facebook account’s password the same. So that you don’t forget your email’s password. To make your Facebook account more secure, give Facebook your phone number and verify your account and it will the proof that you are real. And if anyone tries to log into your account, Facebook will message you about it on your phone. Isn’t that cool? If you forget your password you can easily get your account back by having a confirmation code in your phone number or your email. So I suggest you to maintain a valid email address and give Facebook your phone number. Besides if you don’t want anyone to see your phone number you can just change the setting of who can see your phone number to ‘only me’.

In case you don’t know how you will give Facebook your phone number and verify your account, here are the steps:

Go to settings, in the left side there’s a button saying “Mobile”. Click on it, there you will see a button “Add a number”. Click on it, provide your phone number, and Facebook will send you a code in your phone. Confirm the code number in the box right on the right side and your Facebook account will be secured.

How to know if someone tried to log in to your account:

If you provide Facebook your phone number, they will message and notify you if some unrecognized device tried to log in to your account. To know all the locations from where your account has been logged in, just follow the steps stated below:

Go to Settings, in the left side you will see a “Security” button. Click on it and there you will see “Log in notification”. Turn all the notifications on so that Facebook can notify you by email and text if any unrecognized device tries to log into your account.

How to know if someone tried to log in to your account

In the very last, there is a button named “Where You’re Logged In” click on that button and you will find out all the devices from which your account has ever logged in to.

Untag yourself and remove unwanted photos or statuses from your timeline:

There are some unwanted pictures or statuses in which people tag you, or you are not even in that picture and they tag you but you don’t want to be tagged in. In that case either you can report the picture or just untag yourself. I’ll show you how:

In case of pictures, click on it, below the picture there is a “Option” button, click on it and there you will find “Remove Tag” button. Simply click on it and get rid of the picture. If you want Facebook to take down the picture you can report it to Facebook. Right above the “Remove Tag” button there’s a “Report Photo” button. Click on it and your report will be sent to Facebook.

Untag yourself and remove unwanted photos or statuses from your timeline

In case of statuses, if you want to untag yourself , find out that status. There is a down arrow on the upper right side of the status. Click on it and you will find the “Remove tag” button.

Upload video on Facebook:

If you want to upload a video on your timeline, go to your timeline. Click on “Add photos or videos”. But for some reason, sometimes it doesn’t work! Don’t you worry, we have the solution.

Go to your timeline and click on “Photos”. There you will see a “Create album” button and beside the button there is a “Add Video” button. Click on it and upload the video. It will definitely work.

Besides giving you solutions we have some tips so that your Facebook account don’t get hacked.

Tips for Facebook Users

  1. Don’t click on attractive websites. Like find out your celebrity match or find out when you will die… Behind these attractive sites there are some hackers who can easily get your email and password and access to your account and you won’t even know! So be aware.
  2. If you logged in your account from a cyber cafe or a friend’s device but forgot to log out, no worries. Log in to your Facebook account and change your password and log out from other devices. As simple as that!
  3. Do you want to use android smileys but don’t have an Android? Don’t worry, if you are a desktop or laptop user , now you can. Go to this site (http://www.piliapp.com/facebook-symbols/ ) select the smileys you want to use and paste it in the chatbox and send it! Don’t worry its spam free.

Could not find what you looking for? Just drop your question here, we’ll be here to help you.


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