How to Make Your Facebook Group Active

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Facebook is the largest social network in this world. Millions are daily active on Facebook, especially the activity on Facebook is calculated with the help of pages and groups and even some individual activities too. We all know about Facebook pages, we actively read some pages and we engage with them a lot. Millions of pages are available on Facebook and those pages are highly active too. Due to the over activity of Facebook pages, mark decreased the page reach too and it affected a big group of page builders.

Facebook groups are not that active compared to Facebook pages. Actually we’ve more freedom as a group member so that we can post anything according to the setting arranged, we can discuss anything on a group but I’m sure it’s not possible with a page. Both pages and groups have its own advantages and disadvantages, but there are some methods, I should say simple methods to boost up your Facebook groups activity to make it more active and hence you can gain something from it.

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First of all let me tell you, it’s not easy to manage a Facebook group like we easily manage a Facebook page. If it’s a Facebook page then we don’t have much control to user side and it goes crazier as the number of likes increases. But it’s kinda possible to manage a Facebook group with limited members and yes we can have the perfect control if you wish to. Facebook allows some good group setting and privacy stuffs to manage your group members easily but make sure you’ve less amount of members and good amount of active members, read it again both are different.

Anyways I’m here to explain you some of the best methods to make your Facebook group active like anything. The gain depends on your vision but the similar aim is to make it active, here it goes.


Some people are too kind hearted, they allow the users to share any kinda shits without any issues. I swear, these shits are more enough to make your group a shitty one. Make rules and control the users of your group if you want to make it active, I’ll explain more the rules in next point. Anyways you should take care of your members, let it be the new ones or old ones whatever but you have to control them or lead them in a proper manner. There are a big group of guys ready to make your group weird, so it’s more better to keep them away. Always analyze people before adding them to your group. Adding some bullshit guys will surely make your group weird. Be aware of spammers, never accept spammers to your group because that’s surely going to make your weird. If someone is spamming kick them out. Every month analyze the people around your group and make the necessary changes.

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To make a group active, make your side active. Just starting a group with active members doesn’t make any sense. You have to start making content and those content should be attractive and meaningful. Make sure your content is related to the niche of your group and your readers are targeted ones. It’s meaningless when you post different things on your group without the targeted users Blah blahs leave it and concentrate on the main related topics and write attractive stuffs.

The more attractive the content is, the more attracted the users are. If you post useful stuffs then the users will be interested in making it a discussion and hence comments and likes will start flowing, well that works. One of the advantage of writing unique and attractive posts are mouth marketing, people already on that group will suggest those groups to their friends and result in getting more quality active users. Will you throw waste on clean place near by? I swear, you’ll not. But you’ll try yourself to keep it clean. That’s what the users of groups do, when the admin post good content, then the readers will also post some good quality content. So take care of your content.

Moderate and Analyze

Moderation and analyzation always help in making your group active. Like I said before, kick out the inactive members, moderate each and every post, make sure the settings are perfect according to your needs. Make the settings to “Moderate each and every article” if you want high level access to all posts, in that mode you can analyze each and every post and you have to approve them In order to make it alive. I’d suggest you to make it open and free to for the users to interact and create new posts because that helps in marinating a good relationship with the group members. Always keep an eye on your group and don’t let a single guy attack your strategy.

Hope that helps in building a good group with a lot of active members :) keep visiting Sociobits for more article like this :) have a great day.


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