Vebbler Launches Major Redesign

Share This Post, Indian-origin personal social network, rolled out a significant redesign to its web site with neat and elegant user interface, improved search and other improvements.

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The personal network has now a stunning and unique horizontal layout where we can use mouse and keyboard to navigate stories on our stream as vertical layout does, but offers a richer experience with photos, videos and links.

Vebbler redesign 2014: New Profile

The new Vebbler also brings the ability to filter updates from different relationships in your stream on the homepage. The best part about the new setup is that it allows more control over what you see in your stream, you can easily switch between friends, workmates, family, acquaintances etc.

Other updates include improved search, larger cover photos and improvements on speed and performance.

Vebbler redesign 2014: New Homepage

Vebbler wrote in a press release:

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of one of the largest revamps to that we have been working tirelessly for since several months. Focused on simplicity and usability – from an entirely new coat of paint, to rethinking the user interface from scratch, to improving speed and performance, to adding richer functionality – we’ve made it simpler and easier to do the things you do every day with Vebbler.

“The new UI offers a completely new and unique social experience that does not exist anywhere else on social media. The layout has also been made keeping in mind our mobile apps which are under development and slated to release in a few months” Sahil Bhagat, founder of Vebbler told us.

According to Vebbler, it has now users from 103+ countries across the world with the major markets India, UAE and Singapore.

Here’s a Vebbler video outlining the redesign:


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