Can You Search For Stickers on Chat Box?

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In Facebook, about 99 different sticker packs are available as of today, and the social network is releasing new packs every week. And when it comes to the count of individual stickers, there will be a 30 stickers, at least, on every sticker pack, which means, a total of 2970+ stickers! It might result in a dilemma in selecting the apt sticker for the conversion. What if you can search for stickers?

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It looks like Facebook has added (not completely rolled out yet, may be still on testing phase) a search module for stickers into the chat box. Some people can now search for stickers right from the chat box. Here’s the screenshots we’ve got:

Search stickers on Facebook

As you can see in the screenshot, you can easily find stickers by entering appropriate keywords. For instance, you can search ‘love’ and it’ll show stickers depicting ‘love’ and ‘kiss’.

Search stickers on Facebook

Recently, Facebook had expanded stickers feature to comments. 

Top image: Stickers For Facebook Page

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