Why Online Dating Sucks and Doesn’t Work At All

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Every coin has two sides, you might have heard this like a thousand times? And you do discuss both the sides every time. So, now let’s make a change for once. After all change is essential for survival! Isn’t it?

So, here I go telling you “why online dating is NOT super-excellent idea?” Only the cons and no pros.

Online Dating is a thrilling, fascinating and  adventurous ride of romance. Oh! then it is supposed to be the that incredible ride where you scream for joy? But now there is a twist in the story baby, you scream not because of joy but fear!

Some major drawbacks of online dating:

Lots To Choose From

Now, isn’t this good that, you’ve got a wide range of options? Well, what happens when you go shopping and see a lot of things which probably you like as well but, can buy just one? You feel disgusted, ain’t you? And then you buy something regretting that you could not get the other. Same way, these online websites with a plenty of people makes you ‘shop’ for people.

Imagine how it will be, when you are with your partner thinking if you could get the other! Plenty of fishes makes the pond congested for your survival. It is a crowded place and in the end you do feel exhausted.


Thanks to Photoshop, they look nothing like they actually are. Wow,they look so cute that you feel like folding them and keeping them in your pockets forever. Now time to face the mirror. OMG! are nothing similar, not even close to it.

You are shattered. Age, miles and height aren’t a problem if two people are really in love. But, what if the base was a lie.

Wouldn’t it be shocking that you imagined an angelic being walking down the aisle with you and suddenly there’s someone whose smile just scares you away, eeeh.

And of course you can’t even judge their personality, he might be married and a father of two, you never know it what’s up next! Common, you don’t even know their relationship status! And then you build castles in their where you live like prince and princess.


When was the last time you slept for like, 10 hours? Oops, not any time soon? Well, that was pretty guessable. You need to be constantly on your laptops to get their whereabouts, you can’t meet them after all. You have to compensate it this way.

So, all you lazy ducks and sleep lovers get ready for some sleepless nights. Conditions apply, only if you want to date online.

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Now communication is one of the major barriers. You might have an ocean full of people, but you can’t date all of them right? You need to know their language. You can choose from a wide geographical area but what about the mode of communication, you can’t even use gestures as you are not seeing each other.

Lots of emotions and feelings are left unconvinced. There might have been a time where a peck on the cheek or a tight hug was the only need but now, you have type and tell, ‘Oh, baby this is what I feel’. Sometimes your gestures could work wonders, sometimes the reply could be all of a sudden and surprising but now wait. The more better your internet connection the faster replies.

Tick the correct option

They say, we provide you with compatibility matching test, just answer these few questions and you will get the most appropriate match. Wow, how easy life would have been if you could really just mark and your character could be certified! 

This actually makes it more prone to lies. People will tick only those options which would potentially get them good partners. They will fake out their ideologies and their status and find someone as fake as them. This leads those genuine people getting nightmare when time comes to face the reality. Expectations hurt but, this much?


This world can lead to end up into situations where, you might as well lose your faith in love. You might want to end up everything. Studies say that, people dating online are more prone to suicide and frustration. You are giving them the power to destroy you, and trusting them that they won’t.

But still if you just want to see it on your own, take a look at the top list of online dating websites.



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