6 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers Effectively

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Confused as to what to do with your “INSTAGRAM” or how to actually go about it. Many or rather I must say all of you might be having an account on Instagram, right? But, I can assure, that about most of you don’t know what to do about it.

This is a pathetic situation, when all around you talk about about a ” so called common topic” and you know nothing about it. So, cheer up here is to what you were looking for, to experience and know more about INSTAGRAM!

In this post, you’ll learn how to get more followers on Instagram and grow in the community.

Instagram, is a photo sharing network, which helps you connect with the world through photographs and videos. It gives your pictures a new frame through the many filters, thus creating a whole new experience of photography and a whole new world of socialisation.

So, what do you need to do?


While taking any picture, what do you first do? Yes, you take a focus of the image. Same goes for an app which is solely dedicated for photography; you need to have a FOCUS.

Now, what focus? Here, your focus means the type or the content which you would like to display in your profile. You need to choose between random everyday events and best everyday moments. If, you put random everyday pictures, chances are that  you might not get as many followers as you might have got for putting a limited stock of great pictures. After all, what would you like? Quality or Quantity?


Heard of the phrase, ‘ First impression is the last impression’? Same applies here, the visible outlook of your account does matter a lot. You need to set up an outline.

When people see your account, they need a reason to follow you. So, to make sure people take an interest in your profile, you have to make a remarkable place in their minds.  Your portfolio should consist of at least 2 dozen high quality pictures. This, will give people a reason to follow you. In this busy world, no one would like to see your bullshit all around their home page.


All of you might be having an account on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.. Okay, if not all then at least some of these? Yeah, so you can make use of these existing networks.

Once you are done with your creating your profile, modifying it’s appearance then, you need to spread the word around, that ” hey chaps! I’ve started using Instagram!”. I’m sure many of your friends will be obliging enough to follow you up and hey, that’s how you get your first 50 to 100 followers.  You can make use of the email service at your hand as well. Now, that’s a great step for your future life on this photogenic world.


Now, this is an obvious thing to do, if you need followers you have to follow people. Don’t forget, it’s a give and take world out there. So, the more you oblige people, the more people will oblige you!

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Okay, so how to go about it? Firstly, you need to follow the etiquettes of the social media; you can read “Are you following these social media etiquette rules?” You can get in touch with the other users by passing a genuine comment on their photographs and making them take a note of you. Comment on stuff which has less comments as it will help you more. When people comment on your photos be humble and polite enough to respond to their messages on time. This will help you gain more followers.


Keeping people engaged will encourage them to stay connected to you. If, your followers get what they expect from your profile at a regular basis, they will be all the more happy. Making your followers happy is the priority.

You should make sure that you give what you promised. Just because you don’t have a proper picture, just don’t display any stupid stuff which may annoy people. Keep a track of your own events. As they say anything which is in excess is bad, so restrict your content. Nobody wants to keep a track on what you are doing all day long, they have pretty better stuffs to do. Don’t be at the back of them and make them unfollow you. Follow a protocol.


Wondered what these are? Well, hashtag is a word or a phrase preceded by a hash# sign used on social media sites to identify messages on specific topics. These have become an integral part of Instagram.

Some of the most common hashtags used by over millions of  users are; #love, #instalike,  #food, #smile, #picoftheday, #like4like, #summer, etc. But you need to remember that overuse of anything is bad, so don’t make your content look clumsy. Avoid more of hashtags in the description and add in comments. This will make it take the elegant path. Sensible people will get more sensible followers.

Instagram is one of the fast, beautiful and fun way of sharing your pictures with people around the globe, make the best use of this app for showcasing your creativity!



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