A Google+ Guide For Newbies To Get Familiar with its Features

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When we talk about social networking sites it is always about Facebook and twitter. Even if there are many other social media sites none of them have been able to become as popular as Facebook or twitter.

Well today in this article let us look at another social networking site which has the potential to become as famous as them.

Google plus.

After the failure of Orkut, Google wave and buzz, Google finally seems to have got it right with Google plus. Like any other social sites Google plus.

Here are the features of Google+.


Circles are basically created for sharing. Sometimes you don’t want to share your pictures or videos with everybody. You won’t probably want your lectures to see a prank video which you have made or your mother to see the picture of you and your boyfriend.

In any other social networking sites you share your photos or videos with everyone but here you get the opportunity to organize your friends into groups called circles and can share it with only those people whom you want to. You simply have to drag and drop the contacts into groups to create circles.

Hangout communication.

If you are looking for an app that supports both instant messaging and video chatting then hangout is the right place for you.

You can also access the service of hangouts through Gmail, Google+ websites or through mobile apps that are available for android. With its amazing video conferencing feature features hangout is found to be extremely useful for business. You just need to add the contact from your list to start hangouts.


Just like Facebook wall and twitter timeline new updates gets automatically shown at the top of your stream after you login. This feature allows you to quickly see the updates without spending much time refreshing your page though after sometime you might find too much of updates to be a little annoying.


Sparks basically allows you to get all the info that you need. It automatically loads articles and videos found on the internet to your stream.

All you have to do is log into Google plus, click on to sparks, type the topic that you are interested in into the space and you are all set to go.


A communication cannot be complete without the sender getting to know about the feedback. Google plus ripples allows see how your content has been spread and how many have liked and shared it, thus letting you be aware of the responses to your Google plus posts in a clear and focused manner.

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To see the feedback click on to the arrow at the top of your Google+ update and then click on to view ripples.

Just one account for all.

No more trouble trying to remember 6-7 passwords. You can use just one account to manage all your cloud storage, picture storage, social networks, e-mail etc. Here with just an account you can be linked to all Google products.


Like other social networking sites Google plus also enables us to use Hashtags that help you in finding people and joining in conversations about specific topics.

Well there is no doubt in the fact that Google plus can be a tough competitor to other social networking  sites but the thing that suck most about it is its similarity to Facebook, making it the biggest drawback of this site.

In this tough run let us wait see if Google plus really have it to the beat the existing mega sites of social media.



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