Top 12 Android Apps That You Should Check Out

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Having an android phone and you just have that traditional WhatsApp and Facebook app. Not done!

Here are some of the free and best android apps that you’ll be needing.

1. MCBackup – My Contacts Backup

In this era, where you want to get the best available mobile set in the market, saving your contacts is a very difficult task. Just think about loosing all your contacts. How terrible it will be!

To save you from such a situation Google Play Store, has in stock for you this application, MCBackup. Now the best part is you don’t need to have a laptop or a PC to save your contacts. All you need to do is click on a specific icon and transfer all your contacts to your mail. You can even set up a reminder which will remind you to sync your updated contacts.

2. DU Battery Saver | Power Doctor

Battery backup has always been a problem with the Android phones. Remember missing out on those random pictures which you couldn’t take because your battery was low so, NO FLASH! Or remember the day, your cell got switched off in between some important conversation. Yes? Then this app will be at your rescue.

DU Battery Saver helps you save your battery by 50%. Amazing right? It manages your power in Fast, Simple, Easy, Global, Powerful and convenient manner. A must have app if you are in love with your cellphone.

3. LOCX: App Lock and Photo Vault

This app is something which everyone would need. For those of you, who would like to keep their Facebook, Twitter and email logged in. You would not want any other person to have an access to your personal accounts. Also your WhatsApp chats, your notes and your personal messengers. And of course the main one for girls, Your Gallery, then don’t look at anything else just go for this app.

The LOCX, is a highly recommended application for protecting your everyday apps. It takes less memory so you don’t even need to worry about the space. So, get going and secure your privacy.

4. Notepad

This is one of my favorites. Think of the thousand times when all you had in hand was your cell and there was something important to be noted down. You read something on the internet and want to copy it down somewhere? Feeling bored and want to play with colors? Or if nothing just want to edit a picture and make it funny? Notepad is at your hand.

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Notepad helps you writing down anything with your full stationary box, from pencil to pen and from colors to eraser. Just download this app and create your own book.

5.Phone Clean & Booster

Frustrated cause of the speed of your phone. It takes like a thousand years to open up one application? It suddenly stops or crashes? Then trust me this is what you need.

Phone Clean & Booster is an application which optimizes your phone. It frees the RAM memory so that the speed is restored. Cleans cache, residual files, useless apk’s and adverts. All that your phone needs to work with all its might.

6. Gestures – UC Browser

When everything is so simplified and the phones have all turned to ‘touch phones’, then why to type everything when one gesture could take it to  the next level. For those who love the modern technology, get this app asap.

Gestures is an add-on of UC Browser that allows you to visit websites just by drawing their gestures on-screen. Just like what happens in a magic will happen on your screen.

7. Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Searching for a torch when the light suddenly blows off? Remember those times when you used that dim screen light when since you couldn’t find the switch in the dark. Or just for a prank to light up your face and scare your friend. This app serves it all.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight, instantly turns your device into a bright light. It takes the full advantage of your LED light. It has a convenient on/off button, thus helping you in every possible way.

8. Paytm

Last day to pay the bill or you will your favorite show and the place is not nearby? It’s your friend’s birthday and the balance is NIL? Don’t worry, you can avoid all these situations. From paying your cable channel bills to shopping online, this app makes everything a cake walk.

Paytm is an app with endless payment options and seamlessly secure transactions. Now aren’t you bound to have this application.

9. Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall on the wall, who is the best of them all? Well this is not only the question which a woman has in stock any more. Think of a situation where you are in a for a party and have to take out that mirror from your wallet? And men you don’t even have this.

Well Google Play Store has everything for you. The Mirror app, makes your screen turn into a mirror. Now you would say for that you have your front camera but guys this works even at night with its special light feature. Now you can have a look at yourself any time and anywhere. All you need is your cell phone.

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10. Money Lover – Expense Manager

How you wish you could keep a track on your expenses and even had a dairy maintained. Those hard-earned money or the pocket  money everything seems to end up so fast. But where did it all got spent?

To keep a track on all your expenses and know where you could save a penny. To feel like a corporate man and get your data in the form of charts and statistics. Money Lover helps you in all possible way with your finance.

11. 9GAG – Funny pics and videos

Time has gone when you had to open the browser, search for 9GAG pics and videos and then watch. This funny, entertaining website is available at your hand in just one go. So if you are bored or depressed just one click and make your mood swing to the next level.

9GAG is a collection of best funny pics and videos across the web. It features the best collection of funny,wtf’s, awesome, omg, fail, cute, geeky, cosplay photos, GIFs, memes, rage comics and viral video. Time for some entertainment.

12. Writer

Want to write something and only thing in hand is your phone? You feel being a novelist or just trying your hand out at that? Then go for this application.

Writer is a writing application without the fuss of and distraction of a traditional word processor. It is perfect for everything from notes to novels.

So now what are you waiting for with that android in your hand? Just go to the Google Play Store and make every use of spending those thousands of shells on your phone.

Get Going and Make Your Life Simple!


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