The Pros & Cons of Online Shopping That Matters

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Who doesn’t like shopping? But what would you prefer shopping it online or going out and getting it?

Well many of us would actually  prefer online shopping as it makes the experience of shopping a lot smoother but before you come to a conclusion don’t you think you should check out both the sides of the coin?

Advantages of online shopping

Find what you want

How many of you have felt annoyed because you could get what you wanted in a shop? Well almost all of us had gone through this terrible experience. It is never possible to get all you want from a single store. But if you are shopping online then you can switch to a new site with just a click.

Here you can find anything and everything you want ranging from electronics, clothes, accessories, books and many more. You get the chance to select between different brands and that too at one place

Get it a lot cheaper

Online shopping can help you save a lot of money. Here you get products a lot cheaper and mostly at the whole sale rates.

With massive discounts on every product online stores tend to make the experience of shopping a lot better.

Saves time and energy

You get what you want with just a click. Who would want to waste their time in driving to the stores, searching for what you want and standing in a long queue for the payment.

Shopping in a store consumes time energy and fuel. Why go for all this when you can get it done with just a click?

Freedom of your choice

Many a times you might have gone through this terrible situation when the salesman annoys you telling you what to buy and what not. With no other choice, you tend to buy what he wants you to buy. If you want to get rid of this annoying salesman then the best option is to shop online.  Online shopping lets you enjoy the privacy of shopping

Get the best deals

Imagine the situation when you find this beautiful dress in your local store but the price is a little too much. That really sucks. Online stores gives  you the chance to compare the price of the products and get the best deals possible.

24×7 shopping

Whether it is 12am or 10pm you can shop at anytime. These stores are always open for you.

Now after reading the advantages you might feel that online shopping is definitely the easiest and the best way to shop

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But on the flip side.

Disadvantages of online shopping?


Online stores tend to take a lot of time in getting the products delivered. If you had gone to the local store then once the payment is done, the product is in your hands but in online shopping even after the payment you have to wait for weeks to get the product delivered.

Shipping charge

No doubt that all of us find online stores cheaper but when combined with the shipping charges then there is not much difference. Many of the online stores demand high shipping charges for the delivery of the item.

You can’t try them out.

Here you don’t have the chance to touch it, feel it and see it. We usually prefer to try clothes out before buying it but online stores doesn’t give you the opportunity to physically inspect the products.

Return problems

Though many sites do offer return policy but returning to an online store is really tough. They usually expect the item to be returned within a short period of time and you have to pay extra for the shipping charges.

Warranty issues

Even while buying electronic products or watches many of the shopping sites don’t provide warranty for their damage so once damaged nothing can be done to the item.

Turning you into an addict.

How many of you keep checking out these online stores again and again? Well you are not the only one. With massive discount and the ease of shopping you tend to become a shopaholic.

Payment problems

Many of the products that you buy online are not eligible for cash on delivery. With the credit card fraud issues it does not offer a safe mode of payment.

Over to you.

While online shopping has a lot of advantages, it holds the same amount of disadvantages. Know what’s the best for you and act wise. Good luck.


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