How To Get More Hits and Fans On SoundCloud

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This article is to help you get more fans for your SoundCloud page in turn helping you get more Sound Cloud plays. If you want to take your dreams to next level, trust me this is worth reading.

SoundCloud is the biggest audio-sharing website online, thus promoting your music on a global platform.

1. Paid vs Unpaid Account

When something is for free who would not like to grab the offer? I, would definitely want one. But, do you get anything that free? It’s ‘Buy one, Get one free’, isn’t it? Same way if you want something for free, you need to pay a little price.

If you really want to establish yourself in this field and find yourself to be on the top then, this investment won’t go waste. The unpaid account will work for you if you don’t want to make your business public.

Why would you want to shell out your money on those hard copies which you would be giving to those producers who would throw it to the bin? The paid account gives you access to producers who genuinely want your tracks, thus not even wasting a single cent.

2.Communication Of Your Art

What happens when you communicate? More people get to know you and about you. Same has to happen with your work or your creation. You can’t just sit back and wait for people to come and ask you ‘Hello Sir, what do you do?’

You are already presenting your work on a global platform; Sound Cloud. So, all you need to do is make it travel the space with more efficiency. Make use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other websites.

Make a group on WhatsApp, a page on Facebook and so on. Promotion should be done in all possible ways.

Also make it known to your colleagues, family and friends and ask them to share your creations. This would surely help in getting more plays for your track.

3. Build A Friendly Relation

‘Wow man what a lovely track!’ or ‘How did you find my new track’. Think you keeping mum when these dialogues have been delivered to you. Bad right? Yes, it is bad. If you want people to help your work grow you, need to acknowledge their contribution.

Show interest in others works and genuinely like or add them to your ‘Favourite list’. Spend a lot of time on listening to what others have created. Reply to people for their comments. Never make the audience sad.

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The main thing is don’t OVERDO anything or be ready to be SPAMMED!

4. Release Time

Everything has its time, you might have heard this. Same goes for releasing your track. The day and the time are one of the deciding factors for the number of plays you get on your track.

Most of the people are busy during the week and they compose their music on the weekends and after releasing their stuff online they do check what others have in store. This is also the time when most of the people sit back and relax after being tired with their busy schedules.

Thus, the time you release your music will help your track be played the most as the newest comes first.

5. Creative Skills

Presentation can make you sell your product. Remember buying those edibles from the vendor just cause it looked so good! Yes, just ‘looked good’. Same way the way you choose to present your creation also sells your track.

First, say something which will attract people like “All new track for free”. Oh, yes the word Free will take it to heights as people like whatever they get for free. There are many people who want something original and if that’s for free, who would not like to take it?

Also give a creative brand name for your creation and add eye catchy images in between the tracks. This imprints in the mind of listeners something which only the song could not give, thus making them wait for what you have next.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your music the talk of the town, oops no, “Talk of the World.”


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