How To Make your Video Go Viral Like A Virus on the Internet

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After all those shooting in the sun to sleepless nights spent editing your creation, who among us would not want it to be applauded?

I personally have the experience and know how it feels when time comes for the release of the video. It was a documentary and due to its confidentiality could not be released on the web. But, when it was time for the screening and we saw the auditorium packed with people the joy of the team was immeasurable. Nothing could ever equal that feeling of satisfaction when your work is appreciated and people want to see it and show it.

The thing which helped us gain so many audience on its screening was its promo video which went viral among our potential audience.

How to Make your Video go Viral?

So, here are some mantra’s which will sure help you to make your video go viral. Few simple steps and you are done.

The Voyage

The video needs to sail across the globe (like Magellan), of course he had his ship to take him along. So now, what will carry your video, so that it sails across the globe? The Social Media, your saving grace.

The video you make should have all the SHARE-IT buttons linked to all the popular websites, which will help in bringing a lot of traffic to your video.

One of the most Viral videos on the Internet

Prominent Social Media websites like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest bring a lot of traffic and people using these websites might even outnumber sand particles on the shore. These people sometimes just because their friend found it interesting and sometimes genuinely help you out in spreading your across the microcosm.

So, make sure that your video has these share buttons, this plays a significant role in making your video’s go viral.

Make People “Go For It”

What will make the audience get attracted to your video? Frankly tell me, how many of you would not like a picture which has already got a few thousand likes? Even before finding out what the picture is, you click that like button. That’s it, this LIKE button can work wonders.

Add this LIKE feature to your video. You are sure to have some bona-fide friends and your family, ask them to like your content. The more likes you get, the more curiosity it will build in the  minds of the people and they will sure open up your video.

Adding like button is like adding traffic to your video and I’m sure you want a busy traffic. Right?

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The shorter the sweeter? Yes, time of your video is an essential factor in judging how many people you get to watch your video. Now believe it or not, your video isn’t that sensationalized as that of ‘India’s Daughter’ that people will be ready to shell out some 200 MB to watch your video.

Your video should not be prolonged. Cut and edit the parts which might not be that essential for the video. The first 5 seconds of your video are your decisive factors. Here comes your talent to show the best and also create in the viewers an interest. The question prevailing in their minds should be ‘What Next’.

Make the video as short as possible. The shorter your video, the more chances it has to go viral.

Publicity Stunt

Wait, wait, wait. I’m not asking you to showcase a sexy picture of yours. All you need to do Social Media Publicity. You should know all the tricks to gain more publicity for your video. Make use of all the sites which might as well promote your video.

Submit your video to social news sites like, Reddit and HackerNews, they usually become your genuine counterparts and help you making your video reach the mass. Also blogs which may relate to your video or the content of your video will help you promote your video. This makes the communication faster.

A lot of traffic comes through these websites and that is what makes your video go viral. You really don’t need to build up marketing techniques and wait for the end results.

Release Date

Movies have a specific release date; Friday, as it was supposed to be the pay-day and even now it is the pay-day. Read more about why movie is released on Friday here. Same way the day on which you upload your video on YouTube is directly proportional to the number of views you get  for your video.

The creator of the video ‘Girl Learns To Dance In A Year (TIME LAPSE)‘ says that her decision to upload her video on Tuesday was the best decision in getting her over 1.8 million likes in just 8 days. She says that releasing on Monday or Tuesday is the best as that is when people check YouTube being bored in office.

Monday, people use this time to check mails and Tuesday happens to be best for uploading. Also you should keep in check the vacation time when people might be out enjoying with friends and family.

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People have inclination towards specific types of videos. Something inspirational, sensationalizing, producing awe, thrilling, adventurous are some categories which people have an inclination towards.

Your content is the base. Your content should be of utmost quality to get the best out of it. Something which turns into a story is sure to grab more eyeballs.

Remember it’s not quantity but quality which matters!

Wow, now your video is all set to go viral. But wait, here is a twist. Once your video goes viral there is a lot which is sure to come in. As it is called  ‘CONTROVERSIES’.

Good and Bad, both will follow you. Common, people like gossips and then now you are on the top, so how can you be spared? Make sure that nothing demotivate you and you are still in a friendly relation with all. That’s what famous people ought to do.



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