Instagram Adds Search Box For Desktop Interface

Instagram Search

Instagram took pic-sharing and snap hunting to an all new level some time back. In a bid to innovate its offering, Instagram has now enabled search feature for its desktop interface. You may now key in hashtags, names or location for nay snap you might like to view in the tool bar and viola—the world of photos will spring up.

Why Is Instagram Expanding Desktop Presence?

Instagram is beginning to take its content way more seriously than any average add-on or complementary app would. A spokesperson from the company says, “While is designed to be complementary to the mobile apps, it’s important to the global conversations that happen on Instagram.”

Instagram Web Search

Besides adding the option for search, Instagram will also offer geotag landing pages as well as pages that will be linked to all hash tags for a more fulfilling user engagement. Therefore, top posts will automatically appear when you look up any hash tag or location.

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The Embed Story

We cannot dare forget how Instagram started out as an app meant for mobiles. This move will now make it an equally viable app for desktop users. Currently embeds of Instagram content is a worthwhile means leading to enhanced traffic for web pages. Instagram mentioned how these ‘embeds’ generated close to 5.3 billion impressions in the month of June this year.

This means a huge leap for Instagram, while other applications such as Snapchat are barely interested in enhancing their interface online for desktop using accounts.