Facebook Launches ‘Travel Around The World’ Contest For Places Editors

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Facebook can always be trusted to launch encouraging contests for writers or editors. It has announced the ‘TRAVEL around the WORLD’ contest for Places Editors and you must gear up to enter head long in. The span for the same is July 10th 12 PM PDT onwards until August 31st at 12 AM PDT.

The Rules Of The Contest

The rules are easy as you only need to join the community of places editors for a particular destination. Before that, make sure you like the Editor Community page for the contest here https://www.facebook.com/editor.

Then what? Well all you need to do it edit as many places for correct information. Each edit will earn you a point. Make sure all missing values or incorrect info is edited to perfection.  You will earn double brownie points for top destinations or capital cities as you find on the list here –https://www.facebook.com/editor/guide/?cmsid=715625585230764. Facebook will announce the top 10 names that win this contest after the end date of all submissions. Winners will receive gift hampers from Facebook. In case you are the first name on the top 10 list, look forward to a special travel gear hamper.

This is a brilliant platform for all those editors waiting to show off their knowledge of places. Facebook is indeed notching up its game to attract attention from users like never before. Interestingly, once you enter the contest you can edit as many places as you want to. This also increases your chances at bagging the winner’s hat. With such a concept, fans are already keying and clicking on the place information vigorously. Have you enrolled already?  Good luck then. For those who are still doing some thinking—go ahead—there is nothing you have to lose here!

Top image: Facebook

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