Twitter Releases Update That Erases Off Background Image For User Accounts

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Twitter has confirmed on Monday that all background images will no longer appear on the home and notification timelines for its users. The micro blogging site confirmed this news to Mashable and said that Tweeple will now see a white background in pace of their customized image on the home page. In fact the same will go missing even while checking out notifications.

Twitter background image

Personalization Tips

These background images will only appear when users see these publicly as part of any list, Tweet or collections pages. However, Twitter has made information available about help center content for personalizing your own page design. You can also check out where it is visible by accessing

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Not A Shocker!

Twitter has been working on this new revamp for long now and the white background started doing rounds since last year itself. Only that Twitter did not announce anything about such an update then. You must know that there is no means to alter the background image on your profile or home feed. However, you can alter the image settings for the pages and lists in Twitter. Visit the menu for Settings on Twitter from under design tab that appears on the left hand corner of the main page.

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