Flipagram Scores a Hit with $70 Million Turnover

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Social app Flipagram allows users to make their own personalized music video clips by putting together a selection of photographs or existing videos and adding a soundtrack as background score. It’s been setting itself up as the next big thing in the world of integrated music. They managed to get famous venture capitalists, John Doerr and Michael Moritz – of the Google fame – on board, and recently, the app’s turnover hit a whopping $70 million during a Series B round. In addition to this, the app also claims to have signed deals with prominent music publishers and labels.

The purpose of these deals is to create a ‘comprehensive catalog’ of songs that can be used as background score for the videos and also be sold through the app. In a short span of two years since its inception, Flipagram has managed to add many a feather to its hat and is aiming to take on competitors like Instagram and Vine in terms of popularity and number of users.

The fact that the social app already boasts more than 30 million users speaks volumes about its soaring popularity, which can be attributed to the fact that it allows users to make videos 30 second to 1 minute long quickly. While the length of the videos does not match that of the ones posted on YouTube or Facebook, they are definitely longer than the videos supported by Instagram and Vine.

What makes Flipagram Different?

Explaining why the app is different from other social apps and social media platforms, Flipagram CEO and cofounder said the objective of the app was to immortalize important events and memories in a simple manner. While YouTube videos are equipped to offer a better narrative, these are a little complex to create. On the other hand, videos posted on Twitter, Instragram or even Snapchat are easy to create, they lack an element of permanence.

Flipagram has taken the best of both the worlds and offered users a platform with both user-friendliness and permanence. It is possible to create music videos with Flipagram in a matter of minutes and preserve them for all eternity, if you like. You can also use this app to share importance moments in their life with the world by through popular social networking sites like Facebook.

Things You Can Do With Flipagram

Besides the obvious features that allow users to make personalized videos, complete with background music and even text, Flipagram also offers options of using filters, in-built video editor and self-timers. With more and more updates being made to the social app, you can now:

  • Interact with a close-knit community of users who like to tell their stories through videos
  • Tell your stories in an impactful manner
  • Make your stories available to a wide global audience by sharing it on various online platforms
  • Control how the content is viewed and with whom it is shared
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