How to Get Digital Media Marketing Right: 5 Tips

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Digital media is an evolving playing field for marketers. Every month there is a new development to which you have to adopt and change. Digital media is also one of the foremost places to reach your customers easily. As a marketer, you cannot ignore it anymore.

Startups and companies that are stretched across different countries are coming up with unique ideas on digital media. If you are looking for some creative tips, gathered here are some that you can use to get digital media marketing right.

#1. Short videos

One thing is clear now. Videos are becoming a staple of online content. But creating a full-fledged video can be hard. So play it smart and you can rely on short videos. These videos are perfect for any digital media platform as not only they are small in size but also offer valuable content to your audiences online.  You can create how to guide videos, behind the scene highlights where you share interviews with your employees or how a product is made or even share your blog content again through videos.

#2. Reactive customer service

Digital media platforms allow you to reach your customers directly. In turn, they can also reach out to you. It is recommended that if they do, you should try to connect with them. If they are complaining about your service or product, ask them what the problem is and try to help them out of it. Customer service is now being carried out on digital media platforms. That helps solve customer queries and problems in real time and promptly.

#3. Target Mobile

instagram 1Mobile has taken center stage when it comes to digital media. More and more consumers are now relying on mobile devices to access the internet. So it’s imperative that your digital strategy includes mobile devices. From creating mobile optimized websites to creating apps to engage with your customers, getting the most out of the ubiquity of mobile internet is something you should seriously consider.

#4. A/B Testing your content

Content is king on social media. You simply must create content that engages your followers and helps convert them into paying customers. But considering that you may not know what kind of content your followers like, we suggest that you run your content through A/B testing.  This will allow you to find out which type of content is ideal for your customers, and that helps you tailor your content for best results.

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#5. Try different platforms

Digital media has expanded considerably over the years.  You should know that sticking to few like Facebook or Twitter is nice but not a complete strategy. Consider your target audience and react to it. If it’s a teenage audience then you need to bring Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram into the mix. However if it B2B brand then you need to rely on LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with business related followers.

Digital media isn’t that hard to crack. But sometimes, you need to be able to think out of the box to get your approach right: find the right platform, use the right content, test your content, streamline your content, and use visuals.

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