How to Make Money from YouTube – Part 1

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How much time do you spend on YouTube? Don’t lie. Nobody else is listening. Be honest and set your soul free. Now that you’ve admitted that you spend half the time you should be working on YouTube, have you wondered how much money you have made for somebody? You should, because you could get in on that, too. You could make money from YouTube. Here’s how you get started:

Find a niche:

This is a big decision. Figure out what your content is going to be. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

#1. Pick something you know, and something that will give you a ready initial audience. We’re all a part of some community or the other. Are you really into gaming, and spend a lot of time on gaming forums? Pick a niche there where you’re an expert. Are you really into a certain kind of music, and already part of a couple of Facebook groups about music? Then pick music, but make sure that you use no copyrighted content. Are you really good at make-up? Then a tutorial might be your deal. You’re already part of many groups. Take stock, and figure out which will give you the best audience in an area where you’re an expert.

Pick something you know, and something that will give you a ready initial audience.

#2. Choose your style. If you’re a real expert, your knowledge will take it through. But find a way to stand out, too. For instance, you could combine two loves. Do you love books and make-up? Do tutorials on how to do cosplay make-up, and it’s another angle, a fresh audience. Be funny, serious, use pop culture references, use your personality – be authentic.

Choose your style.

#3. You can make a lot of money by making people angry. When you use the right keywords and get a lot of views by being horrible about something, you still get views. You will get downvotes by the hundreds and thousands, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you get the views. If you can deal with the hate that will come your way, and the knowledge that you are probably being a horrible person, you can make money off being a jerk.

you can make money off being a jerk.

#4. But don’t cross over into any kind of hate speech or slander or libel, because you could get sued. If you get popular enough to get sponsors, you will find that unless you walk a fine line, they will all leave you. This has happened to some very popular but unsavoury FIFA YouTubers.

don’t cross over into any kind of hate speech or slander or libel

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Your account:

We’d recommend making a new account, though you can always use your existing one. This is a fresh start. Make a new account.

Making your channel

Click on ‘upload’ on the YouTube home page, and you will be taken through the steps. First, you can choose a username. Choose a username that indicates what your content is going to be like. Set the tone with it. If you are going for content where you will star, make sure your name reflects that. If you’re going to focus on a certain topic, use it in your username. Make it short, memorable and snappy.

Add a profile photo to go with it. You can use one of yourself if you will star in your content. If you’re going to do video reviews in a certain genre, then use an image representative of that.

Now you have to sort your settings out. Click on your profile picture and you will see the settings button. Click on that, now create a new channel. Give it a name – the right name. Choose your category. Go to advanced settings from there.  Now, add keywords. And select your country. This is important.

This is your throne, my friend. From here, you will need to control your empire. We will tell you how.

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