Microsoft Launches Outlook App for Apple Watch

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Are you one of those rare gizmo freaks who has actually invested in the Apple Watch? Well, this is good news for you, as it is for the not-yet-so-popular smartwatch by Apple – Microsoft has released a fully functional variant of its Outlook app for the Apple Watch. The new version of the app was released through an update on the existing iOS app for Outlook on August 6.

The feature of smartwatch functionality added to the Outlook app for iOS allows users to glance at their Outlook inbox or refer to the calendar for upcoming engagement by swiping up on the watch screen. Both calendar and email option can be made visible on the watch face at the same time too. To further simplify things, Outlook has added the feature of some pre-stored standard email replies that can be shot off in a jiffy without having to access your smartphone. For those who prefer to keep things personalized, there is an option of using emojis or voice dictation for formulating emails.

Microsoft Launches Outlook App for Apple Watch

Though the Apple Watch comes loaded with its own built-in mail client, the newly introduced Outlook app is likely to garner more popularity since it has been one of the preferred choices for smartphones users in the past, thanks to its enhanced features such as quick filters, cloud hosting services, calendar integration, ability to sort mail as per priority, triage and custom notifications. Besides, the app is also compatible with iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and

With this latest update targeted at the Apple Watch, Microsoft has taken the competition a notch higher by introducing a whole host of smart features such as receiving notifications only for important mails labeled as VIP mails, besides the option of flagging and deleting messages from your inbox. The Outlook app also displays more email text compared to the Apple Watch’s built-in mail client. This feature-packed app can be added to the Glance widget on the Apple Watch face, letting you keep a track of your important emails even on the go by just looking at your smartwatch, without even having to swipe across the app screen.

Microsoft Launches Outlook App for Apple Watch

The latest update to the Outlook app by Microsoft, with its multiple functionality, not only trumps Apple Watch’s original mail client but also makes the smartwatch that much smarter.

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