Pinterest Update: Five New Search Features

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Pinterest scores on the front of offering great visual content to the users, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to presenting that content in an organized form. Much of this clutter has often been attributed to relevant results for a particular search being buried behind some not-so-relevant boards, pinners and pins. The company seems to have taken note of how ill-equipped search options have been costing it dearly and made some marked improvements in the area. After last year’s Guided Search option, the new Pinterest update has  introduced these five new features to make search results smarter.

  1. Search Suggestions: The first and most significant change introduced by Pinterest is the search suggestion option. Earlier, users were required to key in the entire search phrase to get desired results. With the new update, the site has tweaked its filters in order to assist users in the search process. The search column can now suggest possible search results even as the search keywords are being entered.
  2. New Filters: New filters have been added to de-clutter the homepage that greets users when they log in to the site or its app. Unlike the older version, where popular pins, boards and your own pins could all be found in one place, the new search option facilitates better organization through filters. Users can now set the filters to determine whether they want to see all pins, their own pins, pinners or boards.pinterest page
  3. What’s Trending: It may have started with Twitter, but trending search results is now a universal phenomenon in the world of social media. Pinterest has finally caught up with the trend. It has now added a ‘trending list’ feature to its search results to let users know what others on the site have been looking at. The trending search option has been added to the list in addition to the provision of saving a user’s recent search history.
  4. Spellcheck: Typos are likely when you hurriedly enter search keywords. In fact, statistics reveal that at least 12 percent of all search results contain spelling errors, leading to skewed search results. The site has now made provision for autocorrecting spelling errors in order to provide better search results. When a user misspells a word, the site’s autocorrect feature gives you results for the closest resembling word, saving them the trouble of having to reenter the search.
  5. pinterest pinEasy Recognition: To make popular pins easily discoverable, Pinterest has added the easy recognition feature to its search option. The option works best if you are looking for pins or boards from celebrities or notable personalities on the site. All popular personalities, celebrities and brands on Pinterest now have a check mark against their username, making it easier for users to find them during searches and follow their updates. This is very similar to Twitter’s verified accounts, and currently, Pinterest has to get in touch with you, not the other way around, to have one.
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With these all new features offering streamlines search results, users can now look forward to a hassle-free pinning experience.

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