How to Get More Followers on Twitter for Your Brand

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Conquering Twitter is perhaps the most challenging aspect of any digital marketing campaign, and rightly so. Statistics reveal that a new tweet lasts in a user’s timeline for about 8 seconds, giving you an awfully short window to grab your audience’s attention, get them to click on your links, retweet and favorite your tweets. This flooding of content is what makes Twitter a daunting medium for many users. If you just want to be famous on a personal level, we’ve got you covered. But if it’s for your business, here are a few simple yet effective tips on how to get more followers on Twitter for your brand and increase your reach:

Cash in on Real Time Activities

Linking your Twitter updates with activities that can be tracked in real time is a smart way to make your followers look forward to your tweets. Electronics company, LG, used this trick effectively in a Twitter campaign aimed at promoting its smartphones among users in the 16-24 years age group. The company created a treasure hunt through Twitter, setting up a stall in an unidentified location in one of the major cities in UK. The first person to arrive at the stall stood a chance to win tickets to a popular concert. Linking the real time treasure hunt to Twitter, the company placed a map on the microblogging site, which progressively zoomed in on the stall’s location every time someone used the #lgtickethunter hashtag on Twitter. The campaign received an overwhelming response from the audience and also earned LG several new followers in the process.

Sync Your Campaign with Special Occasions

Special occasions and holidays are the best time to capture your audience’s attention by offering freebies or announcing special offers. And of course, there can be no better place to make such announcements than social media sites such as Twitter. Popular food and beverage company, Kraft, made the most of this marketing technique by roping in popular voice-over artiste, Ted Williams, to create customized messages for their popular Twitter campaign titled Kraft Valentines Tweets. Any user could win a chance to have their special love message read out by Wiliams simply by tweeting a request @Kraft with the hashtag #voiceoflove. It was a creative way to engage followers by giving them the opportunity to create special, personalized messages for their loved ones.

Reach Out to Your Followers’ Followers

People who follow you have followers of their own. In all probability, they’d be like-minded people who could have potential interest in your brand and its services. Engaging with your followers with the aim of reaching out to their followers is a great marketing move. All popular brands have a few prominent celebrities following them. These are also the people with huge bands of followers, and thus make for the perfect contact point for widening your reach. American fast food chain Taco Bell carried off this marketing trick with élan. It engaged in conversations with some of its most popular followers, particularly those with at least 10,000 plus followers of their own, in a bid to expand its outreach. The campaign was a hit, and Taco Bell ended up with a whopping 600,000 million followers, which is much higher than any of its food rivals.

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