Why You Need LinkedIn Showcase Pages

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Showcase pages launched recently by LinkedIn are an extended miniature page for your LinkedIn page. This additional page is utilized to share specific features and products of your company to enhance you marketing and target audience. So it’s important to use these showcase pages wisely to promote your brand and services. Here are a few applications of showcase pages which will benefit your company.

#1. To target a specific segment of audience:

For companies which are widespread and have a vast array of products and services provided, Showcase pages are extremely beneficial. These pages allow you to catalogue your products systematically under particular categories which interest specific audience communities. If you share your products and updates on your key company page and have built up separate showcase pages for products of each kind, then, when visitor searches for a particular category of product your showcase page would separately show up in the search bar, which would further reach wider clientele.

Let’s say you run a company of electronic and technical products with several categories of customer types, and want to promote through your LinkedIn profile. You could exhibit your categories of products under individual showcase pages, each of which is kept updated with all important material relevant to that particular category of products. This way, the customer groups don’t have to deal with information they’re not interested in. For example HP a big name in itself utilizes several showcase pages apart from their main active and up-to-date company LinkedIn page.

#2. To enhance your business:

Through showcase pages, you can identify a particular range of products in demand by examining follow-ups and posts made by your customers. Also, your followers upsurge tremendously due to more expansion of your company’s existence on LinkedIn. Adobe, for instance, is using showcase pages excellently for this purpose.

#3. Analyze and keep a record of your company’s growth:

LinkedIn pages offer you built-in analytic programs which enable you to monitor your brand page’s performance finding out flaws and implementing the best possible marketing approaches for LinkedIn. Hubspot shares an active LinkedIn profile that obviously uses this feature.

#4. Advertise and attract a larger circle of followers:

Buying follower advertisements and sponsored updates provided to you by LinkedIn showcase pages can help you could drive the right kind of traffic to your page and place the content of your page above all the other similar pages when searched for. This will give you a leg up on your competition. Mercedes Benz USA follows this practice.

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#5. Build hale and hearty relationships:

Having quality content on your showcase pages will help you develop relationships with the targeted audience. HSBC shares a successful story and good experience with use of showcase pages on LinkedIn.

#6. To hire employees and target them:

If you are to hire an employee, you could use your showcase page to update details of the job vacancies for job applicants. This would be followed up by your current personnel or interested members. You could also use this page to share related content such as employee success stories, incentives, etc.

There are other several ways as well to use showcase pages on LinkedIn. Just by going to the Edit option in your LinkedIn page and selecting ‘Create showcase page’, you could add images, information and any other form of data to your custom page for your product or services. So start exploring and attract your class of audience. Build and use your showcase page now!


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