Look to social media for interior design ideas

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Social media has become such a huge part of everyday life, it comes as no surprise that we head there for inspiration on interior design. Social media is the perfect place to ask opinions, get instant reaction and call for advice on all matters relating to interior design, because there are many talented and skilled people out there just waiting to help.

If you are embarking on a design project and need fresh ideas, here are some great reasons to make social media your first port of call.

Global reach

Dynamic interior design draws on influences from across the world and with social media we get a window into that massive global repertoire. Whether it’s Moorish flavours from Casablanca, colonial style from Montego Bay, hunting lodge chic from Aberdeen or Scandinavian cool from Oslo; great design hails from all points of the compass and with social media it’s all accessible online. Be inspired by how different designers tackle familiar interior problems around the world – it may be that you find a solution to your design headache with an architect’s style photographs posted online in Australia. If interior design is your passion, then social media is a treasure trove.

Be inspired by how different designers tackle familiar interior problems around the world

Second opinion

Getting instant feedback on design ideas is easy with social media. If you are undecided about a shade to paint the bathroom or whether to go for full height shutters or cafe style in your bay window, ask Auntie internet and she will soon deliver her verdict. In addition, if you are seeking particular advice about a product or piece of furniture, or you need the services of an artisan, social media can point you in the right direction.

Getting instant feedback on design ideas is easy with social media

Rich pickings

Resources such as Pinterest are wonderful places to go for visual content that inspires. With endless images of breathtaking interiors and roomsets to drool over, it’s a design-lover’s paradise. With categories covering home décor and design trending, it’s easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. From Pinterest you could curate the complete look for your dream home and then hand it over to a designer to interpret.

In addition, on Pinterest and other more interiors focused platforms such as Houzz, you’ll find ways to hook up with lesser known providers of interior services that are able to run with the big players on social media. The internet is a great leveller and well-informed smaller operators make a big splash if they target their marketing just right.

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Voguish voyeur

The selfie generation open up their domestic settings in a totally new way. Peering into the worlds of other people, checking out their carpets, furnishings and general décor, gives a whole new level of information for idea-hungry designers, looking out for the next big thing. Uploading your renovation pictures to Instagram, showing off your new fitted kitchen or proudly displaying your auction purchased sofa – it’s all great material for interior lovers and designers who use such valuable info to their advantage.

Are you planning a project at home? Before you begin to work up any ideas, why not take a tour around some of the finest social media haunts for inspiration? Who knows what breathtaking interiors may follow?


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