Determining the Proper Image for Your Company

Determining the Proper Image for Your Company

One of the first lessons car salespeople learn is that people buy them just as much as they buy from them. In other words, when customers feel they can relate to a salesperson on a human level, they are more likely to buy from them. This is an important consideration when you’re determining the proper image for your company. if you’re to be successful, you must make every effort to ensure your company strikes an affinity with your customers above all else.

To accomplish this, you must answer the following questions.

Who Are You?

Take some time decide how you want your dealings to be perceived before you build a website, buy an ad, issue a press release or make the existence of your business known in any other way. Determining the type of company you want people to see will inform every other decision you’ll make. The best way to approach this is to define the customer most likely to benefit from your endeavor.

In other words, your mission and your vision should intersect with your customer’s self-image. If you’re selling home theater speakers for $10,000 each, you’ll need to figure out who buys them and how they see themselves so you can reflect that image back to them in all of your outreach. Similarly, if you’re marketing a line of Vaping products, you’ll present yourself in a completely different fashion. You’re trying to appeal to a different sort of customer.

What Feelings Are Associated With Your Offering?

When people need you; are they likely to be happy, sad, troubled, worried, excited, or intrigued? Yes, your ultimate aim is to solve whatever problem they have that makes them believe they need you. But you have to approach them where they are before you can show them how you can get them to where want to be.

Imagine a mortician using a free logo creator to come up with a design evocative a playful attitude, rather than something that speaks to respectability, professionalism and concern.

Remember, by and large, people buy based upon emotion. The image you fashion for your company must cater to that reality. It can be useful to envision your ideal customer as a single entity. What kind of person are they? What is their gender? How much education do they have? Are they more likely to be a professional, an entrepreneur, or a laborer? Do they have a family? Are they outgoing or reserved? How do they dress?

Once you have a clear picture of this person, you can then fashion your company’s persona in their image.

Is Your Team On Board?

When you’ve put in the work to craft your image, produced the materials needed to support it and spent the cash to buy appropriate placements, you must also make sure all of your representatives reflect it too. Develop a creative strategy based upon it to ensure your advertisements, emails, flyers, and all other market-facing communications are in keeping with your image.

Can You be Consistent and Clear?

If you’re going to get the world to associate a certain set of qualities with your business, you must display them at all times and in every circumstance. This builds trust in your customer base, which in turn inspires customer loyalty and repeat business. Once you’ve set your course, maintain it doggedly—unless it becomes obvious that doing so isn’t producing the desired results.

Determining the proper image for your company before introducing it to the world is one of the most import measures you can take in your quest to achieve success. Don’t overlook it.