Why You Should Watermark Your Instagram Photos


Instagram is such a terrific tool. Whether you enjoy uploading selfies or fancy yourself as an amateur travel photographer, Instagram is the perfect medium to showcase your images

The social network has over a billion active users and you’d be amazed by how many photos get stolen from it.

It’s so important that you protect your images when posting to Instagram, for many different reasons.

It’s easy to do and can be done with a simple watermark. Whether you’re using Instagram professionally or personally, it’s well worth doing to ensure either your photos don’t get used or they do so with your permission and credit.

You can use a watermark tool and keep your images protected, and there are many reason why you should do this…

Protect Your Identity

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people’s identity or image being stolen through social media. Of course, the first step to protecting that is by keeping your accounts private, however placing a watermark on your images will also add an extra layer of security.

You could add your own name to an image or perhaps as well a date to prevent anyone taking your image and passing it off as them.

Protect Your Work

It’s a similar story if you’re using Instagram professionally.

Companies taking images for free is rife and Instagram really is a hotbed for it. Adding a logo to your work will either prevent companies from issuing your image or at the very least you’ll get some form of recognition for it. Although they should always gain permission from you before they use it.

You can report breaks in copyright with Instagram if you wish, with it being much easier to prove its your image with a watermark.

Build Your Brand

Adding a watermark will also help build your brand should you wish to earn and grow a presence on Instagram.

A logo and website added to your images will increase the recognisability of them and not only help you build a fanbase but also make it easier for you to get commissions with companies or people having a clear way of contact you.

It will also allow you to be credited much easier, with news outlets and the like instantly able to know who has ownership of the picture.

There are many reasons to use them, but of course you need to be as subtle as you can at the same time.

Watermarks can often be distracting on a photo and in many cases ruin the image if it stands out too much.

If you’re using a logo maker, make sure it isn’t too overbearing as it could well also put off a company using your image and you potentially making money from Instagram.

It’s all about finding the balance. It’s undoubted more needs to be done to help people protect their images. Watermarking is the first step to doing that and is something everyone should consider in today’s climate.

Image source: are.na