How to Make Social Media As Secure As Possible

How to Make Social Media As Secure As Possible

The information a person puts on his social media is readily available to anyone who wishes to stalk you. With so much valuable information stored online, it is more important than ever to take steps and improve the security of your social media accounts.

Where limiting your social presence might sound like the easiest thing to do, it is not possible, especially for the younger generation. However, you can make a few adjustments in how you engage with these apps to make sure that the risk of a security breach is kept to a minimum.

Here are a few steps you can take to mitigate the risks of identity and information theft.

Delete all the unused accounts

A lot of people have 2-3 accounts on a single platform. Maybe there is an old account that you made while you were young, but you don’t use it anymore. It is best to delete it if you are not using it as the information you have put on there will remain exposed to anyone who wishes to access it. Also, this allows you to maintain a seamless online presence, making it easier for your friends to find you and communicate with you.

Your old accounts can be hacked, and the person can use your identity to influence your friends and family and ask favors from them on your behalf. Once a hacker determines that an account is unmonitored, he can use it to do illegal acts, and you might have to face the consequences.

Only Install Trusted Apps

With the surge of development, there are some many apps that do the same thing. It is very easy for a person to get confused and install a virus affected app. You should make sure that you install trusted apps from official accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that you know that your private information won’t be used against you.

In addition to this, you should be careful when giving these app permissions like GPS, gallery access, and personal information. If you are installing a tracking app, make sure that it is from a trustable developer. Along with downloading an app, you should also know other ways to track a cell phone location for free, so that it doesn’t get in the hands of a wrong person.

Stay Away From Random Fishy Accounts

Make sure that before adding someone on your social media, you vet their account. Most hackers use imposter accounts and send friend requests on different social media platforms. After establishing trust with a person, they try to con people into handing over vital information to them. There are a lot of social media scams that involve phishing emails. What looks like normal email attachments, is actually a virus-infected link that hackers use to gain access to a person’s account and computer. Employees who work for companies and enterprises are most prone to these attacks as these hackers use an employee’s personal information to gain access to a company’s database.