5 Approaches to Marketing an Engineering Company on Social Media

So, you’ve recently launched an engineering company, or you’re planning on doing so in the near future, but you have no clue how you’re going to find your first clients? That’s a completely understandable concern, because it doesn’t seem likely that you’ll have hordes of people interested in your services as soon as your website is online.

Instead, you probably realize that an extensive marketing campaign will be required to make people aware of your brand and start generating an initial wave of web traffic. Coming up with effective ways to market any new brand can be challenging. To help point you in the right direction, we’ve summarized 5 of the main approaches that an engineering company can use to start gaining notoriety through social media marketing:

1. The ‘Business Idea’ Approach

This first approach involves convincing the ad viewer that it’s a great business idea to have a new product engineered, or to find clients who need to have their products engineered. This can be done by highlighting stats that explain the rapid growth of the engineering sector and the number of new products that are being invented and engineered every year.

If you’re going to take this approach, you’d benefit from taking a course or earning a degree in business administration with a focus on engineering. Some regional universities offer such programs in a fully online format. For example, Kettering University offers MBA programs in Michigan that are geared towards engineering, but the coursework can be completed from anywhere you can connect to the internet. 

2. The ‘Worthy Investment’ Approach

Just as you could convince individual entrepreneurs that getting into the engineering space is a smart business move, you could also use a similar angle to appeal to investors. This approach would involve using positive growth metrics to prove that your engineering company is expanding quickly and is a worthwhile investment. Many brands employ this strategy alongside a press release distribution campaign, as the goal is to share stories, blog posts, videos, and other newsworthy items via social media.

Essentially, you want investors to take notice of your engineering company and consider it a premium investment option. There are many angel investors who are millionaires or even billionaires, and those kinds of people are always looking for ideal investments within each industry. By presenting your brand as a top engineering investment, you could attract brand awareness and funding opportunities simultaneously.

3. The ‘Make Your Product Dream a Reality’ Approach

Most people have had a great idea for a product at one point or another, but 99% of those ideas are never pursued because of the complexities involved in actually designing and creating them. In fact, making the leap from innovation to invention is often the hardest part. As an engineering company, your brand needs to let consumers and entrepreneurs know that their product ideas can become realities through the use of your services.

In this approach, your goal is to show the viewer or reader that having a new product engineered isn’t as expensive or as complicated as they might assume. This is one of the most effective marketing angles because most engineering clients already have an idea in mind before they even consider hiring an engineer. Showing that your services are easily obtainable and usable will broaden the size of your potential market share to include individuals who have been reluctant to pursue their invention ideas.

4. The ‘Capitalize on a Tech Trend’ Approach

Your advertisements and marketing material can also highlight certain tech trends that are currently profitable and fast-growing. With this approach, you can show that it’s possible for anyone to capitalize on the trend by having their own version of a popular product professionally designed and engineered. This is an effective way to create a sense of urgency because trends do inevitably slow down. 

Essentially, you’re trying to convey the message that, with outsourced engineering services, an entrepreneur can make entry into any tech product niche in a matter of weeks without any product design experience. This is kind of like a combination of the first two approaches listed above, except it specifically relies on an offer to reverse engineer or re-design existing products rather than promoting the idea of engineering an entirely new product.

5. The ‘Shock and Awe’ Approach

Most people are searching for entertainment when browsing social media sites, so any approach that gives them what they want is bound to produce results. Shock and awe is a universally applicable marketing strategy that is basically the foundation of any good “clickbait.” As the name implies, clickbait is a piece of content or a thumbnail that entices someone to click on it, usually out of curiosity or sheer shock and awe.

So, how can you utilize this approach as an engineering company? Make videos, infographics, and sideshows that showcase your most impressive and out-of-the-box engineering projects. That way, you’ll be giving social media users a reason to stop scrolling and start taking notice of your content. Sometimes, all it takes to generate millions of views is the right video thumbnail and headline.

Using All 5 Approaches at the Same Time?

If you have a bit of entrepreneurial experience, you might have already realized that the 5 approaches above are compatible. Running all of these approaches concurrently would give you a versatile marketing strategy that is almost guaranteed to produce some level of notoriety for your brand. Simply being noticed should be your primary goal initially, as that will help people recall your brand later on when they actually encounter a need for your services. Ultimately, the more marketing approaches and angles you use, the more people you’ll be able to attract with your advertisements and web content. All that’s left to do from here is to figure out how to incorporate your engineering company’s unique value propositions into these common angles for the most unique and effective overall game plan. With all 5 of these approaches being utilized at the same time, it’s hard to imagine a reality in which any company could go unnoticed.